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amnalehu1596d ago

That's probably one of the best trailers for a video game i've ever seen.

Abriael1596d ago

Agreed, the game's cutscenes are really fantastic.

raWfodog1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )


I believe that is definitely why they felt the need to delay the game and polish it up. They wanted to give Rockstar some serious competition in the open-world sandbox genre.

The game would potentially be even better if it was being developed only for Gen 8 and PC but I guess that's where The Division comes in.

Septic1596d ago

Thanks to you Abriael, the words fantastic, awesome, incredible and the like have lost all meaning to me. I can spot your articles instantly lol. You remind me of the guy Phoebe from Friends dates who thinks everyone is amazing and wonderful.

Mind you....this does look impressive lol.

WalterWJR1596d ago

Septic, you remind me of a closet Fan boy.

randomass1711595d ago

Next generation technology at work right there...

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Qrphe1596d ago

Willing to bet they're pre-rendered.

heisenberguk1595d ago

Definitely touched up at least!

randomass1711595d ago

What makes you say that out of curiosity?

Qrphe1595d ago

The fact that developers did it this past gen all gen long. Naughty dog did it, Konami did it, Ubisoft definitely did it. Even Knack and Ryse did it just recently. It's hard to tell whem they're pre-rendered because they run them close to the actual in-game settings.

Magicite1596d ago

Gaming community has put a lot of hopes in you, Ubisoft, better not disappoint us this time.

starchild1596d ago

It really does look like a superb game. Counting down the days now.

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Abriael1596d ago

PC for me. I upgraded the ram for that.

Abriael1596d ago

@Disagree: i guess one person believes that I'm lying, and I actually won't buy the game on PC lol.

raWfodog1596d ago

I believe you Abriael :)

Us gamers have to stick together, no matter the platform.

1596d ago
LordMaim1596d ago

@Abriael: Its right up there with the guy who doesn't believe DarkLordMalik will buy it on the first day for PS4. Not sure if he disputes the platform or the scheduling though...

Julion07151596d ago

No its jus sony fans mad someone is getting a game on a more powerful system than theirs

dRanzer1596d ago

well shit my pc is 2 years old and i need to upgarded the RAM and most importantly the GPU.
soo glad its comes to ps4,although i would love to play it on High End PC,but this is money problem :)

*sorry about poor english*

randomass1711595d ago

You got disagrees because you're not supporting Watch Dogs on PS4 I guess. :/ Enjoy the game however you want to sir! Pay no mind to the disagrees. I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much on PC as I will eventually on Wii U or PS4. :)

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raWfodog1596d ago

By the time I pick up a PS4, there will plenty of games to keep me busy for months (years, potentially, since I don't get to play as often as I'd like). I still have games that I haven't played for PS3, 360.

Highlife1596d ago

You don't know that he could be upgradeding ram on his 8 year old laptop for all you know. Xbox fans always hoping something tips ps4 since your precious xbone can't.

jay21596d ago

Snap DLM, Deadsect edition coming my way

antikbaka1596d ago

little real gameplay and too many cutscences.

I wonder what platform did they use to do it, probably a compilation of PC(80%) and PS4 (20%) material.

LordMaim1596d ago

They've done full playthroughs of missions on PS4 already. It's not as though this will be the only trailer they're going to release in the next two weeks, this is just one of the story trailers.

randomass1711594d ago

But there is plenty of demonstrative gameplay on the internet. Just go look it up on YouTube.

antikbaka1594d ago

old gameplay from diffrent platforms and sometimes it's not clear whether it's ps4 or PC. Anyway, released product can look absolutly diffrent from what was published so long ago, i want clear new gameplay footage

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