Microsoft to Optimize Xbox One’s Power Management, Performance and Engineering Practices

While the Xbox One is already in the homes of many, work on improving a console never really ends, and Microsoft is hiring experts in order to keep optimizing the console, as showcased by a recent career opportunity ad seeking an Electrical Engineer.

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christocolus1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Power management? Performance and Engineering practices? As the article suggests i think it all points to Dx12.

The new api will definitly be pushing the hardware really hard. Ive always wondered why the xbox one has such a huge fan and so much space inside...hmmmm

Abriael1258d ago

It could definitely point that way. If the promise of pushing more commands from the CPU to the GPU is true (and we have no reason to believe it isn't), the console's components are gonna be pushed harder. Microsoft better have a good plan in place to optimize that.

dansdooz1258d ago

the reason its big and has a large fan is so it can run as quietly as possible, which it does well, it was an important design goal when the box was also to be used for watching tv.

ArchangelMike1258d ago

Hopefully they don't push it to overheating point. Nobody wants another RROD fiasco.

christocolus1258d ago

Lol. I guess MS learnt a lot form their mistakes with the 360 don't think we will ever see that again.

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Bonkerz1258d ago

Wonder if they are gonna make any announcements of DX12 and the involvement with Xbox One and how they are planning to improve.

urwifeminder1258d ago

Something is going on now as far as performance, games seem to be running smoother for me not sure why Titanfall I noticed the most. I recently updated to the latest beta is all I can think of.

GoPanthers9991257d ago

I would like to not have to unplug my X1 periodically to reset it and get it to operate correctly. This came from Xbox Support.