Houston Video Game Bar, Press Start Bar, Takes to Kickstarter For Funding

Press Start Bar looks to be the first ever console video game bar in Houston, Texas. The owners currently have an active KickStarter campaign.

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WeAreLegion1473d ago

I'm an idiot. I should have Kickstarted my business. I'm doing something similar.

steven83r1473d ago

Wanted to do something similar then realized drunk people and console don't mix. That would be a lot of damaged controllers and repairs. I'll just stick to barcades

matrixman921473d ago

sorry, but I would not want to go to a place like this. I hate to use these words, but it would be a bunch of fake "geeks" and "nerds" whose favorite show is Big Bang Theory and they think they know everything about "nerd" culture after watching it. I will stick with gaming forums where people are actually knowledgeable

mopground1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

this is giving me red flags. why would a small local business seek kickstarter funding? just seeking donations i guess? I dont know if their serious about building it or not cause it seems like they dont want to take any initial risk

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