Insomniac’s Ted Price Talks Open World, Lessons Learned From Fuse

Right now is an exciting time not only for Insomniac Games, but the video game industry as a whole. The new generation of consoles has renewed developers’ enthusiasm towards open-world games. Insomniac Games is venturing into the open-world genre with the colorful, frenetic action of Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price discusses the studio’s foray into the new space, developing for the Xbox One, and lessons learned from its first multiplatform title Fuse

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christocolus1412d ago

Its good to know that they learned a few lessons from fuse. All that knowledge will definitly help make sunset overdrive a better game.

InMyOpinion1412d ago

It's hard to make it worse xD

Dirtnapstor1412d ago

Lessons like "should've stuck with the Overstrike look and feel"!

randomass1711411d ago

Goes to show even good developers can trip up once in a while.

Baccra171412d ago

I like how he learned that bland/generic looking games won't sell themselves like they thought it would with Fuse.

Darkfist1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

overstrike(aka fuse) was orignaly going to be like this, then somthing happned.

Baccra171412d ago

I know, funny how they went back to this cool style even though they told us gamers we didn't now what we were talking about.

randomass1711411d ago

To be fair, Fuse was published by EA and they probably forced a lot of their hand into that game's development.

Darkfist1412d ago

i hope they learned thier lesson, and start making ratchet and clank for ps4, "into the nexus" was fantastic but wasnt as big as CIT.

MasterCornholio1412d ago

Just don't blow a fuse with this game.


I want the old Insomniac back not those creeps that made fuse if you know what I mean.

randomass1711411d ago

"Just don't blow a fuse with this game." BA-DUM TISH!!

TheFallenAngel1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Insomniac lied to me a few years ago. I asked them on twitter if they were working on a xbox exclusive and they said "we are not" . They lost my respect after that. I was a huge resistance fan. This looks good though. I wish them luck.

Fireseed1412d ago

Cause they owe you honesty about confidential projects...

extermin8or1412d ago

They lied through their teeth though said things like "dw it's only multiplatform not like we're making an xbox exclusive game" when they MUST have been planning this/talking to MS at the time as it was only like 2 and abit years ago... They didn't have to bring up exclusives for xbox there... they chose to...

randomass1711411d ago

Umm... a few years ago they may not have even been developing Overdrive. For all any of us know they might have still been in talks with Microsoft at the time.

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