Open Letter From Techland Regarding Dying Light's Release Date

We have an open letter from Techland explaining Dying Light's release date.

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ArchangelMike1356d ago

I have my eye on this game. I loved Dead Island, even though it was abit under cooked. Looking forward to this.

Crazyglues1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I am so pissed at this delay I can't really put it into words... -but I sure as hell don't buy this bullsh*t about improvements when you delay your game for a whole dam year...

It's more like we can't get the dam thing to run on old gen smooth so now we have to dumb the whole game down, like watch dogs to get it to run on all systems because we can't just go nex gen, we need to make as much money as possible.

You don't delay your game a whole year just for improvements... improvements don't take a entire year.. This excuse is bullsh*t

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Meltic1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

He said on twitter Tymon the producer that they wanted the game too be ''perfect'' lol. A game cant be perfect. There is Always a problem. They just delay this game just beacuse they dont have a chance this year with all those good titles coming this year. Well i dont Think this game will sell good. Not after dead Island. I played the demo and it was fun but so many bugs and glitches. The zombies wasn't even smart. They just stood there like a statue sometimes.

Palitera1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Crazy, relax, they are telling the truth. It is just that is a coincidence that EVERY AAA game now is 'releasing very soon', but then 'ooops, sorry fans, we love you and will make the best game eva for one year later'.

It started when that Del Toro game was announced to release three years later, then everyone said 'pfff, three years? Okay, in two years I'll start thinking about it then'. So they made the logic decision: from there on, every game 'will be released' quite soon. And then misteriously delayed.

They don't even bother to give believable excuses, just copy/paste the letter from other companies.

Screw them. They use these schemes all the time and then complain about piracy later. This game is a day one for me, but I'll do it in the way they et the least money.

Yup, I'm pissed too. But, once again, we are the ones to blame with all the lamb acting and praise... "Yes, it got delayed! We love delayed games (with fake first release dates) because this way they are better games! Keep lying and 'delaying' them, please!"

randomass1711355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

What? Amnesia 2 was delayed for a year and it came out pretty good. :/

edit: Seriously, you guys need to calm down. There are PLENTY of games coming out this year and if they delay it to make it better then why are you complaining? If it comes out and it sucks then you'll have even more of a reason to complain. Just let the developer work their mojo and let them provide as good an experience as they can possibly make. There's no reason to sling mud just because you have to wait longer. That's what toddlers do.


In the end, if we're gonna get a better product out of the deal, you have to respect their decision. Alot of companies could learn from ea/dice.

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ramiuk11355d ago

i think it was a system power thing that held it back and better story line also needed.

really want this game but with all the other games i know coming thsi year and the unanounced,im struggling to pay for them all haha

thomasellis831356d ago

So am I, gutted that we have to wait so long!

isthe1355d ago

I saw a trailer for dead island a while back and I wish I played it now since this game looks great

mike32UK1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

The trailer for Dead Island was nothing but false advertising, the game was complete hogwash! Never before buying that game have I bought a title and returned it on the same day . If you were expecting a deep and engaging story like in the beautiful trailer, think again.

randomass1711355d ago

I have to agree with this. Dead Island absolutely did NOT live up to the emotionally gripping trailer they put out. That all said, Dying Light looks like a much more unique take on zombie games, so it's something I plan to keep my eye on.

retro_1355d ago

The original trailer was misleading but the final game was far from rubbish. I ploughed about 100hrs in both games and loved every minute.

Dying light can't come soon enough and I'm gutted it's been delayed but at least we now have a date.

ArchangelMike1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I know right, It seems February 2015 is the new big release window.

nucky641355d ago

only problem for me is this game will now have to wait - i think witcher3 comes out in february of '15 and i'll be playing that for a while before DL.

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