Rumor – Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Key Art Possibly Leaked

With Summer drawing closer with every passing day, Battlefield 4‘s fourth multiplayer expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, is on the horizon.

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Majin-vegeta1351d ago

Second guy on left side by teh tank has a ballistic shield :D

Clown_Syndr0me1350d ago

Well spotted. As its based in "war torn streets", I expect a fair bit of close combat so maybe this will actually be on the game.
Should be a nice change of pace from the large open maps of China Rising and Naval Strike.

Tru_Blu1350d ago

It's been confirmed for awhile the shield was getting added in.

Majin-vegeta1350d ago

Just got off after a 6 hour gaming session.It ran pretty smooth for me.

Swiggins1350d ago

Yes and no.

As far as rubberbanding is concerned it's mostly fixed, I haven't seen hardly any since the server upgrade.

As far as netcode goes....nope...people are still getting shot around walls.

Kinger89381350d ago

EA need to just hold off on all dlc until the game is at a point that it should have been at when it launched.. But thats not good business for them?

Feel used lol

qu1ckset1350d ago

I've put 270 hours in ok PS4 and the getting shot around corners is the only thing that is currently very wrong with the game it's ended some of my very awesome Killstreaks!

memots1350d ago

i have played 185 hours on pc since i bought it last year. The only time i had some issue was with some driver with my nvidia card. No other issue whatsoever

ScottyHoss1350d ago

why the dislikes for this guy? YES, some people have had problems with the game, but just because he's one of the lucky ones who hasn't he gets down-notes? It's like you people just love to hate the game and anyone who enjoys it -____-

memots1350d ago

At ScottyHoss

Its the internet, all you hear about is negative stuff, Every thread with news to battlefield the trolls come out to cry the game is broken and i will bet you that most have played very little or not at all.

Me and 4 of my buddy been playing on PC for months and only the first few months we had some issues. And none since. I am tried of seeing this game bash to no end, yes they deserve it to a certain extent , The first 2 months were rocky but people need to calm down about it.

GHOSTxx4201350d ago

it runs perfect for me on xb1.

ArchangelMike1350d ago

Why am I getting disagrees for asking question. Last I played the game was when Naval Strike released. And the game was near unplayable for all the rubber-banding and lag. I haven't been back since. Gutted I got premium tbh, I should have saved my money. Well I'll get the last map pack just to feel that my purchase of premium was justified, but yeah probably going to hold off on BF5 for at least 6 months now.

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rbluetank1351d ago

the biggest question is will it work when EA/Dice release the DLC.

GHOSTxx4201350d ago

lol a disagree cause you like new maps. WOW N4G WOW!

Clown_Syndr0me1350d ago

"NO! You do NOT like new maps!"