The Elder Scrolls Online delayed on console for six months? More like imminent cancellation

Save/Continue writes: It’s out there in the wild—The Elder Scrolls Online has been delayed six months for its console releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But why even announce that they’re getting delayed? Just tell us that these releases are going to get cancelled and be done with it.

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Bitsnark1383d ago

This article should poke a few bears by the looks of it :)

ShowGun9011383d ago

hopefully they look at FFXIV, and see what a complete redesign can do for you. Never played the first FFXIV, (heard it was awful.), but A Realm Reborn is simply spectacular. The cutscenes and characters make it feel like a full fledged FF, and the gameplay is fast, deep, and makes each class fun in its own way. I heard none of these things applied for the original FFXIV.

Take ESO back to the drawing board, use the critisisms as good advice, and change ALL the things your players hate. The people the angriest are you deepest fans, Elder Scrolls!!! They feel betrayed by this crap game. Make it right! Follow in Squares footsteps, and when the remake of ESO comes out, give out a free upgrade for people who put up with this atrocity.

Win us back.

Personally, I will not buy this game in its current form, and it has NOTHING to do with the subscription. If a game is good enough, its worth the money.

ZodTheRipper1383d ago

MMOs have gotten monotonous and boring. For my taste even the Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls series couldn't change that. We need Final Fantasy 15 and Elder Scrolls 6.

rivencleft1383d ago

I couldn't agree with you more, your points are very valid, hopefully they take the 6 months to fix the game for consoles instead of cancelling it, because I was really excited for this game when they announced it, especially being an Elder Scrolls fan, but from all the PC reviews I've seen so far it's definitely not worth a purchase, as of yet. I am ok with a subscription as well, if the game is worthy, and that's all a matter of personal preference of course. Fix the game for consoles and I will buy. Fix the game for PC players as well since they've already given them their money.

Christopher1383d ago

I doubt it's imminent cancellation. You don't invest hundreds of millions of dollars to give up. What they are likely doing is waiting to iron out the game on PC (Beta v2 in the first year of an MMO's release) and then update the console releases with those updates. This will allow them to have people review the game 6-months after the game was released on new platforms, increasing the chances that they fix everything people dislike about it and get new players on consoles.

Perjoss1383d ago

makes sense, they already have everything in place and if they play it smart and listen to the players they might be able to do something with it before console launch. I've heard the PC version is a bit of a mess though.

kingmushroom1383d ago

I just want that sweet collectors edition statue. :)

modesign1383d ago

im guessing its going free to play in 6months.

nerdman671383d ago

Looks like their community isnt what they hoped it would be

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The story is too old to be commented.