Titanfall Build Up and Running on PS4, Going Multiplatform says Insider

Well known industry insider Tidux has revealed some startling inside details regarding Respawn Entertainment sci-fi shooter, Titanfall.

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Neonridr1602d ago

Maybe sometime down the road perhaps. But no way MS would pay for for an exclusivity of like 6 months.

Godmars2901602d ago

Bioshock and Mass Effect say hi?

Not that it should really matter given the overall low quality of the game. From graphics to story and even game modes.

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u got owned1602d ago

E3 announcement incoming... Titanfal PS4 1080p 60fps launching fall 2014.

georgeenoob1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )


Only reason Mass Effect went multiplatform was cause it was originally published by MS, but then EA bought Bioware and the publishing rights. How does that scenario apply to this one?

Titanfall was already confirmed by IGN to be a lifetime X1 exclusive as part of an MS deal. The deal wasn't for timed exclusivity, it was for full exclusivity.

Titanfall 2 may release on PS4, but not Titanfall 1.

truefan11602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

LOL isn't this the guy "confirming" that sony E3 lineup. EA and Respawn don't want those lawsuits, Titanfall 1 is on MSFT platforms only, Titanfall 2 will be multiplat, ACCEPT IT.

Oh the hearts of some of you holding on to some simmer of hope for Titanfall, just let it go. EA has too many games on xbox xonsoles to make MSFT an enemy. EA and Respawn have both confirmed TITANFALL 1 IS EXCLUSIVE TO MSFT PLATFORMS FOR THE GAMES LIFETIME. Also I thought you all were going to get it on PC anyway.

listenkids1602d ago

The difference is way more than 6 months, to be fair.

sobotz1602d ago

Keep dreaming bro, it won't happening soon. Maybe 4-5 years later, when Titanfall 2 is released.

And anyway, low quality game with Meta-score higher than Infamous or any shooter for the past 5 months? oh dear you stretching it

NewMonday1602d ago

remember EA saying to shareholders the first game is XB1 exclusive for it's"lifetime", I think this could only be the game engine as Respawn prep for Titanfall2.

now that the franchise is going multi-platform perhaps we can have some fanboy-free discussion about the game. it needs more players, more contet, better visuals, a full SP campgain and no bots.

Biggest1602d ago

The difference here is that Microsoft funded EVERY facet of the game at some point. Mass Effect and Bioshock were timed exclusives due to funding for timed exclusivity. . . Maybe. I agree with Neonridr. I do not see Microsoft investing so much into one game for a 6 month period of exclusivity. Furthermore, I would see Microsoft paying AGAIN to keep it exclusive based on the fact that Titanfall would see more on the PS4 if released in the next 3-6 months. Microsoft is often deluded, but they aren't outright stupid.

InMyOpinion1602d ago

It's a good game but not my cup of tea at all. If I wanted to play it I would've bought an XB1 instead of the PS4.

Great for people who like these types of FPS's though.

Neonridr1602d ago

@Godmars290 - did you read my comment? How much longer did Mass Effect and Bioshock come to the PS3? Mass Effect 1 took 5 years to show up on the PS3, Bioshock took 13 months. I specifically said 6 in my statement - even though you clearly didn't read that.

I never said that it wasn't coming, merely that it wouldn't be until 2015.

Godmars2901602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

@sobotz & Others:
What is it with fanboys and inability to comprehend?

It doesn't matter whether or not its TF1 or TF2, if/when the game shows up on the PS4 that in itself is going to be enough.

As for the tired old argument of metacritic or review scores in general equating to quality when the last COD likely received high scores but still has game breaking bugs - f**k it. You deserve what you get.

Just stop trying to argue when you have nothing to argue with.

Likewise to what I just said; does it really matter whether its six months to supposedly not at all if TF1 actually does show up on the PS4?

Sure you'll be able to retain some worthless shred of fanboy dignity in the coming years by repeating over and over in other pointless forum "discussions" that it didn't happen within a six month window, but that wont change the fact that if it happens it will have happened.

ZodTheRipper1602d ago

These were exclusive for much longer than a few months ...but I agree, the game looked interested when it was revealed but after seeing the final build I could. not. care. less. about a PS4 release.

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tehpees31602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

@ truefan 1

This is how a contract with a publisher tends to work. A game is put on sale exclusively for that platform and if it meets the required sales target it then a contract can be terminated at ANY POINT! Titanfall is well known to have not met EA's expectations. Actually their multiplats are confirmed to not be meeting their expectations on XBO.

If Titanfall didn't sell enough the contract is allowed to be cancelled. See Zombi U on Wii U as another example. It didn't meet Ubisoft's expectations and Rayman Legends went multiplatform as a result.

MysticStrummer1602d ago

All they have to do is include any DLC, call it Titanfall Ultimate, and release on both XB1 and PS4, but for me it wouldn't make a difference. I've seen enough to know it isn't my kind of game, just like most shooters. Not a bad game by any means, just not my style.

TheTwelve1602d ago

This *should* surprise nobody but it will surprise many and there are those who will still not believe this.

It's all about the money. If enough money can be made, anything (and I mean anything!) is possible.

Neonridr1602d ago

@Godmars290 - ok let's set something straight here too. I own a PS4, I do not own an XB1. While I do own a 360, I don't own nor have I played Titanfall on it. I haven't touched my 360 since I got my PS4.

Your out of context or misinterpretation of my original comment is what started this whole debate in the first place. They reported that TF is coming to the PS4. I said maybe sometime down the road perhaps, but don't expect it this year. Which would put it at a year or later in terms of exclusivity. You were the one who brought up ME and Bioshock which didn't help defend your cause, only support mine.

In the end it's a good thing. Game scored very well (you clearly don't own it) and has sold very well too. More gamers get to play the game, everyone wins.

BlackTar1871602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )


M$ can't afford to make EA an enemy. XBOX and MS need EA more then EA need MS.

Think about an XBOX without future EA games. All the sports nuts will not just stop playing those games they will go to where the games are being released.

MS has a whole heckuvalot more to lose then EA.

scott1821602d ago

I would buy it if it had a single player component, maybe TF2 will. Looking forward to seeing it on PS4!

johndoe112111602d ago

Yeeeaaahhh so i'm not buying it. No way in hell is microsoft going to allow a game that they helped fund, a game that the publisher came out and said is exclusive for its lifetime, to be published on another competing platform.

If they said titanfall 2 then yeah, I'd believe that but not this first one. I'm not saying it's impossible, I just don't believe this rumor. If it does happen, well, good for everyone who is interested in playing it.

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tehpees31602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

@ johndoe11211

People said the same thing about the GTA IV DLC. Titanfall, like the GTA IV DLC is not funding the game. It is a payment for exclusive rights.

The only occasion where funding and publishing a game has happened is with Ninja Gaiden II. Tecmo built Sigma 2 around the Sigma engine which is how they were able to cheat a PS3 release for the game.

Titanfall is absolutely a money hat. That was obvious when Microsoft was confirmed to tamper with the contract after we all knew going multiplatform was inevitable. They only made EA a payment for exclusive rights. EA then use that money towards the game. Funding and publishing the game yourself is a completely different matter.

EA being the publisher here may have found a way around things like with Mass Effect.

forcefullpower1602d ago

They could have a clause with MS that says if they don't get above 1 millions sold they can port it to other systems. The other could be MS doesn't want to pay for the lost revenue they had in the contract with EA due to low sales so they have torn the contract up and let EA port ot to PS4.

I have it on PC and still dont think its that great anyway. But at least my mates would have something else to play as BF4 is to laggy and Ghosts is just shit.

But then again the new COD comes out in November.

Edsword1602d ago

I thought MS paid for lifetime exclusivitivity for TF1. Maybe the contract had a minimum sales clause. If X number not sold by X date, kind of thing. I could definitely see that happening in that kind of agreement.

Godmars2901602d ago

"Game scored very well (you clearly don't own it) and has sold very well too."

Neither do you by the way you describe your console preferences - what does that have to do with anything? Also by EA's own admission while the title did not sell very well but has enough interest to continue further it, again, what is the actual point you're trying to make?

Ghost_Nappa1602d ago

What story? You mean that none sense shouted at you during campaign matches?

Neonridr1602d ago

@Godmars290 - that it coming to PS4 is a good thing, means more people get to play it. You stated that it was a low quality game, I simply digressed, saying that many critics and fans like the game.

I already told you I don't own nor have I played Titanfall, do you even read my comments before you reply?

Vegamyster1602d ago

Lacking content and story yes but graphically (At least of the PC) its not a bad looking game and the gameplay itself is very tight, low quality isn't a good word.

morganfell1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

X1 exclusivity may have been dependent upon a certain number of new gen sales within a 30 day period. There were obvious signs X1 version sales were not going as planned when the game did not top even 1 of the charts at the 4 largest US retailers on launch day.

EA would doubtless protect themselves with some sort of sales clause and we likely see that here

HammerKong1602d ago

but this wont be happening with titanfall because this game was helped to maked buy ms more than ea and all ,so atleast the first game is not going multiplatform ,yeah 2nd one can go multiplatform but not this one,u people use to take insiders very seriously right?

amazinglover1601d ago

Both of those where timed exclusives allowing them to be brought to PS after a set period of time. Titanfall was basically funded by MS in the later stages and worked out a lifetime deal with EA the publisher if it does come to PS4 it will be it's sequel.

Godmars2901601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I'm just failing to understand the criticism of not having played the game, by someone who also hasn't played the game.

I mean while we literally both agree that the game being available on other platforms is only a good thing, you seem to have a particular bug up your butt about when it happens as if that really matters.

Likewise you insist that this game you've never played is only great - according to those who have played it - and all I'm saying is that by what I've seen and heard is that its narrative was played with as fast loose and lazy as a 1930 pulp fiction. That Respawn should be given no credit for sticking to "artistic license" when they under delivered then later patched in game modes.

Dir_en_grey1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I agree, still not interested if it's going to be an incomplete unfinished low quality game like the XBone version.

system221601d ago

bioshock and mass effect weren't nearly as important to ms as titanfall.

and for as shitty as ps4 fanboys seem to think titanfall is, its STILL outselling inFamous by a lot... on a console selling less than the ps4.

choujij1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

@Georgenoob Oh, IGN said it!? It must be true!

I've learned to take these exclusivity arrangements with a grain of salt ever since the PS2 days. I remember Tecmo explicitly saying Dead or Alive 2 was a Dreamcast exclusive. But then magically Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore was released on PS2. Pretty much the same game with a different name.

So I really wouldn't be surprised if something like Titanfall: Hardcore Edition was released for PS4 with minor changes to the game. But I gotta say, if Titanfall 1 in any shape or form does end up on the PS4 and PS3, it would be devastating blow for Xbox fans.

mikeslemonade1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Told ya so.. Titanfall Sigma confirmed.

We all know from the three camps the company that uses the word "exclusive" the most loosely is Microsoft. They were the first ones who started to coin games as exclusive or the word "only on xbox" for timed exclusives.

I like that clause theory that it would have only been exclusive based on X xbox sales or it was never a full exclusive anyway and better yet a timed exclusive.

As for me personally I don't like the 6 v 6. The idea of the game is fine but execution of this game is very mediocre. 1080p and 60 frames still gonna be bad looking with those inferior graphics.

InTheLab1601d ago

Any PS gamers interested in this game should understand that it is not a complete game and should have been delayed a year.

The good news is, those of you that do own it like myself can get a nice trade in credit at Gamestop for $41 so you won't feel ripped off.

What is there is decent but it is not a full priced game and you'll probably go back to playing whatever shooter you were playing once you finish the story mp and have unlocked the only Titan that's worth a damn.

10 pilot weapons
6 titan weapons
very few attachments
burn cards are capped at 3 per match

This game could have been epic with more content and maybe a less generic set of maps and characters. As-is, it's $20 dlc.

CuddlyREDRUM1601d ago

They say hi from a year or more down the road, which was his point.

illustratedDEO1601d ago

Also the Ninja Gaiden series and DOA, next would be Dead Rising 3.

Neonridr1601d ago

@Godmars290 - we both agree then, let's leave it at that :D

I totally understand that 3rd party exclusivity is almost always not a permanent thing. I was only trying to say that MS wouldn't have spent a boatload on timed exclusivity unless it was going to be worth their while. A year seems like a reasonable amount of time. In the end, you are right, it is irrelevant. If it comes to the PS4, then bonus. If not, then there is always TF2.

AntoineDcoolette1601d ago

Bhut bhut Respawn said Titanfall and its online bots was only possible on the one because of MS's dedicated servers and the power of the cloud!


andibandit1601d ago


A contract between ms and respawn says hi

ALLWRONG1601d ago

Playstation fans want Xbox games. Who knew?

AliTheSnake11601d ago

They did say it will never come out to PS4. So all that was Marketing BS ?
Anyhow, the game is super overrated for 60 bucks. Maybe the sequel would be worth it.

Eonjay1601d ago

My goodness this thread is something to behold. People are freaking out.

Omegasyde1601d ago

Lol publisher doesn't mean jack #%@#%@

Want examples?

Ninja Gaiden!
Mass Effect 1
Joe Danger: The Movie

That is Why if Sony really wants to keep exclusives it will purchase all of the IP's associated with it. Microsoft is catching on by purchasing the Gears of War IP.

Unless you have the exact details of the agreement between Microsoft and EA (THE ACTUAL contract), you all are just assuming.

TheGreatAndPowerful1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I really don't understand why PS users want a port of this game when PC and Xbox users themselves admit that the game is pretty boring.

"Titanfall has been out for ~2 months. Now that the hype is gone...How is the game?"

Pogmathoin1601d ago

Crazy season starting already.......people.... Go take time out all and play the games you claim to play...blacktar..... Stop calling out people too, you sound like you could me many others glad we have this medium.... Simple....

Amsterdamsters1601d ago

To u got PC version has been doing that since release. Why do you console only gamers keep bragging about the PS4 doing 1080p?!? My nearly 2 year old PC is more powerful and in a year or so, I'll build a new one that will smoke the consoles multiple times over and still be able to play any of the millions of games available.

I also own all of the consoles for their exclusives, but stop bragging up 1080p PS4 games that are also on the PC, it just looks foolish.

thorstein1601d ago

The pic is old and of course it contains PS dev kits. Why wouldn't it? Respawn planned on making Titanfall Multiplat. EA saw dollar signs from MS and went that way.

So, of course there is Titanfall Code for PS. They make games over the course of years. It was only recently that MS bought exclusivity so they can it.

GribbleGrunger1601d ago


I'd say you are right. There's a reason for MS giving the game away for nothing and reducing the price of the console to help drive sales.

WilDRangeRrfc1601d ago

I have PS4 and X1 TF is the best MP game I have ever played 75 awards and counting 9/10 10/10 across the board and the highest metacritic next gen game so far gtfo

WilDRangeRrfc1601d ago

I own PS4( collecting dust ) and X1 TF is the best MP shooter I have ever played,75 awards and counting 9/10 10/10 across the board,highest rated next gen game on Metacritic says hi,your so butthurt it's obvious,your trolling shows one thing,your jealous and butthurt,oh and Sunset Overdrive says hi that's not going to PS4 either,real gamers and not hate filled vile fanboys like 80% of people on N4G will buy both if they can afford,I'm playing Infamous Titanfall Killer Instinct BF4 getting TLOU for the first time on PS4 ( never played excited ) while you all argue like kids,both are great Xbox is winning on AAA games which is all I care about,f2p and Indies can gtfo

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tuglu_pati1602d ago

We all know Titanfall will come to PS4 at some point, the question is will it be Titanfall 1 or 2.

MasterCornholio1602d ago

I dont think it will be the first one. I'm pretty sure the second one will come to the PS4. Respawn and EA can't ignore the PS4s install base unless Microsoft pays then millions to do so.

jairusmonillas1602d ago

The first one can still be ported if EA and MS deals somehow fails on sales target or something like if it gets low sales they can port it 6 months

u got owned1602d ago


where are you getting this from. Link or it never happened.

arkard1602d ago

They very well could have a clause in the contract that states if sales don't = X over Y months then exclusivity is lost.

nerdman671602d ago

Titanfall is awesome, it should always have been on every console.
They should be wary though, most PS4 owners have made it clear they think Titanfall is terrible and are happy the PS4 doesnt have it.

BlackTar1871602d ago

It's true. To deny that such clauses exist in every type of contract from Sports to sponserships to rights is ignorant.

I don't know if this is true but there ae a million ways for contracts to be written to protect the biggest party.

Copen1601d ago

I have to believe EA protected themselves with a sales clause in the contract. Titanfall has not sold like EA and MS though it would and as a result here we are. The only reason EA even made the deal was because they thought after last gen that MS would be the market leader so the exclusivity contract seemed like a slam dunk but things haven't unfolded that way and the sales gap is only widening from here on out so it's in EA's best interest to get the game on as many consoles as possible to reap the benefits from exposing their product to more consumers so despite the fanboy logic and the arguments EA is worried about EA and if that means bringing TF to the PS3/PS4 then they will absolutely do it even if it pisses MS off. Either way MS loses because while they funded the game all that money is wasted because it's a guarantee that all further installments of TF will be on Sony's platforms and maybe other systems multiplat is a given and the fact that MS paid for it has to be devastating to MS they have to be livid that despite their best efforts they lose a exclusive game. But this is just the start of a trend that'll see less true exclusives than ever before and not just because MS isn't the market leader able to dictate terms and pay for exclusivity. Triple A development costs are through the roof and it makes fiscal sense to get you product as much exposure as possible and that can't happen tied to one console.

jacksons981601d ago

PS4 will probably get Titanfall with all the DLC included like PS3 and previous 360 games. Then shortly after Titanfall 2 will release.

XStation1601d ago

@Copen Uh, no; Sony actually didn't want Titanfall at first on the PS4, they wanted it on the PS Vita actually.

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Charybdis1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

They financially assisted with the development of titanfall, but don't own the ip. Will be interesting to see how the online server platform will or will not be implemented on the ps4. This could be positive or negative promotion for Microsoft Azure platform . Both pc and xb versions use azure servers don't think the ps4 will use same servers .

jukins1602d ago

Azure is not the only "cloud based server system" plenty of companies out there that could provide the servers.

Charybdis1602d ago

Exactly! Will be interesting to see what and if there would be performance and reliability differences with a game which relies on azure servers.

johndoe112111602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

As far as I know sony has a very good relationship and business arrangement with Rack Space so that should not be a problem.

dontbhatin1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Considering the Azure servers arent holding up very well. I have it on PC, and i feel like I'm playing COD all over again.

Matchmaking is broke as hell and it still lags with that all mighty and powerful cloud. What is the damage with putting a damn server browser in the game for dedicated servers?? Is that too much freedom for us PC players??

Copen1601d ago

MS has successfully tricked consumers including you that they have the ONLY infrastructure with the cloud and the benefits those servers provide. Sony had dedicated servers for games last gen and they have some for this gen as well. MS isn't the only one with dedicated servers despite what you may have been told. Sony has used Rackspace for server solutions in the past and they're using them now so the server solution even if it's not on MS's Azure will be the same on Sony's platform it's not a problem.

Charybdis1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Microsoft does have the resources and infrastructure available to support their claim with regional data centers. Azure +/- 14 data centers 10 regions (+plans for 5 more regions) compared to Rackspace 9 data centers in 6 regions (probably also planning for more regions). While Microsoft isn't the only one with such a large cloud infrastructure; It is the one readily offering and promoting it with its console across multiple regions.

Ofcourse Sony can partner up with multiple parties in order to increase their 'infrastructure'/avail ability in different regions but that doesn't seem very likely. Also remember they are rumoured to use custom servers in order to emulate ps3 games for ps now.

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rdgneoz31602d ago

As below mentioned, there was Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Also, it could be that they're starting work on the sequel and getting what they currently have done on the xbone, working on the PS4. And they never said a sequel wouldn't come out by the end of the year.