Sunset Overdrive Ignites the Awesomepocalypse with Day One Edition Details and First Gameplay Video

Microsoft and Insomniac Games unveiled the first look at the world, story and gameplay of “Sunset Overdrive” today through an action-packed video. Alongside the video, Microsoft announced the first details for the Day One Edition of the game.

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Palitera1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )


Officially on the radar now!

4Sh0w1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I think this vid is a bit better, still youtube though.

Wonder why gameinformer pulled the high quality one I saw earlier this morning?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Why are they making XBOX One exclusives? I could understand multi but exclusives? come on...

This feels like a betrayal

And to make things worse, the game looks pretty interesting, like a wacky urbanish zombie platformer or something much more interesting that playing as a cat with a wrench.

The game Jet Set Radio future also comes to mind.

Edit: Maybe they aren't zombies, not sure what they are, like pink ghouls something.

Kingthrash3601203d ago

it looks fun, i'll keep an eye on it.
jet set radio meets R&C.
in no way do i see Infamous. not the look the powers or the enemies say infamous.
but it looks fun right now. more at e3.

ZodTheRipper1203d ago

Looks like Ratchet & Clank + InFamous + Tony Hawk ...doesn't appeal to me honestly. Too over-the-top in my opinion.

Grap1203d ago

Isn't it weird seeing sackboy there?, or it's just me.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1203d ago

It also reminds me a bit of something like The PS3 game Pain. Actually a real platformer with the style of pain wouldn't be half bad. I though Pain had a lot of cool attitude, but the gameplay was just about crashing into things like a bowling game or something.

Palitera1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Grap, I'm not limited to one platform at all. I prefer Sony overall, no doubt at all about that, but I also own a very well used XBox One and am in love with what it offers better than the PS4 (the PERFECT servers even here on my forgotten country, specially). =)

No problem, though, with people that can or prefer only affording one platform. To each his own.

specialguest1203d ago

The game looks fun. I'm almost ready to say that Insomniac have bounced back from their failure on Fuse, but let's see more first

Lightning Mr Bubbles1203d ago

No seriously... what are those guys? What are those pinkish creatures?

SilentNegotiator1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

So you grind around the city shooting zombies? This is what people have been hyping up (and without even any gameplay at the time)?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Wtf? People were hyped after seeing that trailer from last year which is what the gameplay is being shown as today. You seem lame and a subtle way...and that takes skill, so congrats.

mikeslemonade1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I concede to the X1 camp that this game and Quantam Break look good, but they're not saving the X1.

It's just not enough when you consider what Sony will show at E3.

AngelicIceDiamond1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

It's on my radar as well.

Btw I can see the trolls are already at work disagreeing with everything, I can tell trust me. X1 needs a game like this.

The game looks very interesting I wanna see allot more on this game come E3. Like I said before X1 needs a game like this MS hasn't had game of this type since Crack Down and AW (third person action).

But never a game that wacky, inventive, interesting game such as SOD.

The 360 lacked such a game everything the console had was some serious shooter. But this is a new Ip that the Xbox brand needs for diversity.

IDC if this game sells high or not because I know Phil will support such a game something the former Xbox guy would not.

The jealous trolls need to relax because you guys are the ones that yell Xbox has no games and when MS finally gets something as interesting as this you stealth disagree and troll.

If this game was on their console it would be GOTY contender.

Get mad and troll away but this game is officially on my radar this year.

Next up full Quantum Break gameplay.

Dir_en_grey1203d ago

Definitely looks way more fun than Titanfall, hope the final product delivers.

gaffyh1203d ago

InFamous + Jet Set Radio. However, hope it is more than just killing things lik Dead Rising

BallsEye1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The game looks insane! Dead rising with parkour and AMAZING graphics! So much action on the screen! Pre-ordered!!!!

FriedGoat1203d ago

Looks good! This seems like something I should own when I eventually pickup an XBone.

DragonKnight1203d ago

Looks good. Unfortunate that it's limited to the Xbox One. Even more unfortunate that it has Day One B.S.

SonyWarrior1203d ago

looks cool but ill never play it since its XBO only.... looks like insomiac doesn't like money. all well its there loss

guitarded771203d ago

Few things...

1. I noticed they said this is Insomniac's newest "franchise". Wonder what their long term plans are.

2. The gameplay looks a LOT like inFAMOUS. Grinding the rails, air to ground stomp, etc. inFAMOUS and Dead Rising combo. But it doesn't look very fluid in motion. Could be an early thing... just an observation.

3. I think it may pigeonhole itself by being too kooky. The game looks interesting, especially with Insomniac's weapons, but may appeal to less people going for the weird humor.

dantesparda1203d ago

Hm, the game actually looks pretty good. And this is coming from a guy that thought the CGI reveal looked like crap. To me it looks like a cross between Infamous, Dead Rising, JSR, R&C and even TF (because of the parkour). Kind of to goofy though.

SilentNegotiator1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

No, at E3 we saw what seemed like parkour as opposed to Tony Hawk's Foot Skater (with a bunch of gravity defying rail riding).

At E3 we saw what seemed to be coop.

At E3 we didn't see a bunch of ridiculously effective weapons being used against already easy to avoid enemies.

This is NOT what we saw with the prerendered E3 trailer.

Septic1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


So what you've taken from the video us that you run around shooting zombies (mutants). Not the fact that its gameplay looks engaging by virtue of:

1) Traversing maps in cool ways...grinding AND wall running and a focus on constantly moving

2) Unique weapons: just look at the quirky arsenal

3) The 15 different types of amps of which they only showed a handful that let you release nuclear explosions, mini tornadoes, etc

4) Loads of factions, enemies, an open world game etc

Fair enough if its not your cup of tea but this looks like a mix between Jet Set Radio (did you even like that game?) and other games.

As for the E3 trailer, I have no idea why youre moaning when it pretty much is in the spirit of the trailer minus the obvious co op element that isn't being shown now. You said there was parkour in the trailer...there was also grinding (in fact more so). So your points seem very bit picky.

Simplifying this the way you did clearly means you either didnt watch the gameplay video (and the trailer) properly or that youre just being quick to dismiss it.

ThePope1202d ago


You're spot on. Bt there are 50 amps. I also read the website, and it said info on Co-op is coming soon

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Abash1203d ago

If I had to describe Sunset Overdrive, I'd say it looks like the SEGA of the Dreamcast era's take on inFamous. It looks pretty awesome.

I kind of see now why this is exclusive to Xbox One since the PS4 already has inFamous: Second Son

OhMyGandhi1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I'd say it looks like Jet Set Radio meets Ratchet and Clank, with the color scheme of Power Stone or something.

Really interested in this game, looks like a ton of fun. Then again, I love everything Insomniac has put out,with the exception of FUSE.

nerdman671203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

People keep saying it looks like inFamous, but I get a real Jet Grind Radio feel. I dont really see much inFamous. Just a little bit

DevilishSix1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Yeap Jet Set Radio was the first thought that came to mind.

ITs like JSR meets Crackdown meets Infamous. Should be a fun little game.

ginsunuva1203d ago

Yes they made this exclusive to XBO just because the ps4 has Second Son.

That's the reason.

UltraNova1202d ago


Yeah...or maybe MS waived their check book wand around a few times? Not that its a bad thing..if you can afford to why not...