Xbox One Exclusive Ryse: Son Of Rome Character Models Are Spectacularly Detailed, Look Gorgeous

GearNuke: "Ryse: Son of Rome is definitely one of the best looking game for current generation. Crytek are also using an insane amount of detail on Ryse: Son of Rome character models with top notch facial animation, which makes them all look as close to real life as possible. Crytek recently shared an extremely detailed close-up of the character models for Ryse: Son of Rome."

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XiSasukeUchiha1442d ago

Hmm alright they look pretty nice, and realistic.

sonypsnow1442d ago

Hopefully CryEngine 3.5 will be license to Great Developers that can make Great Games.

4Sh0w1442d ago

Yep, still the best next gen graphics so far. More weapons, more variety in enemies with of course some varied combat and the sequel will be a must buy killer app, if there is such a thing.

Gozer1442d ago


I agree. I bought Ryse about a week ago, and was floored by how good it looks. The forest level was absolutely amazing. I disagree with the mediocre reviews some sites gave Ryse. Imo its atleast an 8. If Ryse is an example of what we can expect with next-gen visuals, then we are going to see some beautiful games going forward. Not to mention the fact that Ryse is a launch title. Like you said mix up the combat a little, and use more enemies and Ryse would be a AAA game.

dantesparda1442d ago

Nope, Infamous and KZ are still better looking and technically superior games.

Gozer1442d ago


I dont believe you have played Ryse if you think that. You should play it, it is amazing graphically. Ive been gaming 34 years and Ryse is the best looking game I have ever seen.

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MatriXcian1442d ago

Too bad the game itself is terrible.

Godz Kastro1442d ago

I disagree as well...comments like that almost made me stay away from game. Luckily a lot of my xbl friends purchased it and strongly recommended it. I thought the campaign was very good and the eye candy made me feel good about my x1 purchase.

lokirevamped1442d ago


I enjoyed every minute of it.

Trekster_Gamer1442d ago

Too bad you are a fn troll who doesn't know what the hell he is talking about.

Too bad you are so blatantly ignorant it is a wonder you are able to even dress yourself….

This game was awesome…. Everything about it was incredible!

lifeisgamesok1442d ago

The game is really awesome even after having it since Day One

OpieWinston1442d ago

Did you play the game?
Game had a great story and had a Gladiator feel when it came to character development.

Most people like to smash on the combat system when it has the same combat system as every other hack & slash game.


God of War 3 on Chaotic for you.

Xdone1442d ago


+1 so true mate ;-)

nerdman671442d ago

Ryse is actually quite fun, just not very deep. The acting in it was really good, and the story was also surprisingly good.
Do not judge so early. This game gets the Heavenly Sword treatment, I think that people are too quick to judge

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MrFit1442d ago

why talk about this now game been out for many monrh and it sucks anyway

raWfodog1442d ago

I'm not saying that the game sucks or not cause I haven't played it but this does seem like a relatively old topic to bring up, considering the short attention span of most gamers :)

Godmars2901442d ago

Crytek trying to push the game engine?

MasterCornholio1442d ago

What's with all the articles about the graphics of Xbox One launch games?

Its not like there haven't been countless articles about them before.

CYCLEGAMER1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

People are starting to wake up out of that Sony trance that they were in and starting to realize that the xbox is actually a decent system that put out some great games.

AceBlazer131442d ago

They have nothing better to talk about on Xbone. Thank god Sunset Overdrive seems to be the oasis for that desert of a platform

ltachiUchiha1442d ago

It definitely looked nice. Best looking game on the xb1 so far.

Off Topic. Character models on The Last Of Us looked gorgeous for a ps3 game. Look at the detail on Ellie. https://fbcdn-photos-g-a.ak...

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