In Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive, Energy Drinks Are Evil

If you've seen Sunset Overdrive's teaser trailer, you may have noticed--at around the five-second mark--a large balloon animal hovering in the background. It looks innocent enough, right? It has those goofy eyes and a cheerful smile. As it turns out, it's one of the game's bosses. And it's pure evil.

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Eonjay1388d ago

In real life they are also evil.

Mr Pumblechook1388d ago

Microsoft are keeping their Mountain Dew partnership very quiet at the moment!

randomass1711387d ago

Is that deal still going on? Holy cow I thought that was over and done with!

Volkama1388d ago

Monster gives me heart pains.

MasterD9191387d ago

I didn't realize this until after the fact, but Monster apparently is 2 servings in one can....which is great if you want to be freaking out while simultaneously having a panic attack from the excess caffeine.

randomass1711387d ago

Not to mention the gross gag-inducing flavor. BLEGH!!

randomass1711387d ago

Betcha they're going to make a Sunset Overdrive themed energy drink anyway. And it heightens your senses and puts you in a murderous fury. And then you mutate.

True immersion experience.

XiSasukeUchiha1388d ago

They are the incarnate of Coffee but in a evil way.

LightDiego1388d ago

And that's true also on real life, Red Bull is just bull piss. They use it as fuel for cars on Formula One.

Immorals1388d ago

They used to, until they ruled it unfair that one team could fly

randomass1711387d ago

Ever try a five hour energy drink? BLEGH!! Bad for ya and they taste just as.

WeAreLegion1388d ago

Devil May Cry taught us this, as well. Interesting way to take the reboot, by the way.

DarXyde1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Yup! After I saw the gameplay vid, as soon as I heard about the energy drinks, I thought the same thing lol.

It looks like a fun game, but that's just corny.

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