Nintendo explains why you won't play Mario on your iPhone anytime soon

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has yet again explained why the Japanese video game giant has no plans to bring its tentpole franchise like Mario and Zelda to smartphones.

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Pillsbury11506d ago

Hopefully they will be able to market to the smartphone crowd to increase the sales of their hardware.

LAWSON721506d ago

The smartphone crowd? you mean pretty much everyone?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1506d ago

Mario Kart TV App will as well as Pokedex 3D Pro

George Sears1506d ago

Funny, as I was playing Pokemon Diamond on my iPad just now.

Summons751506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

an illegal emulator.... doesn't count and makes you a poor excuse for a gamer.

Technically it is because it's considered 'stealing' the games, mind you it's a loose stealing and to use an emulator on the phone you need to crack it which is against the terms of use. Nothing to be thrown in jail for but still breaks rules and rips devs off.

ScubaSteve11506d ago

Te law states that if you don't own a real one then it's illegal. If you own one it's legal

LAWSON721506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Rips devs off? Last time I checked Pokemon Diamond is no longer sold or made by Nintendo so the only ones who could earn money from a purchase is a used seller.

Summons751506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Which you are still cheating money out of someone!

I can understand if you're too poor to buy games but that is what JOBS are for.

LAWSON721505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Sure jobs are for buying things, but why buy things when a superior version is free. For example Pokemon HG has a custom rom that makes it literally incredible with intelligent trainers and the depth of the series really comes into play (something you dont get unless you PvP in the reg games), increase speed (improves upon the slow speed of the games), small visual tweaks. Not only that but it is much more practical to play them on my phone then to carry around a ds/3ds. Hackers have made the games into amazing SP games rather than just social ones which is not always a good thing because at the age of 19 I dont have many friends that have a 3DS and Pokemon lol

MysticStrummer1505d ago

"an illegal emulator.... doesn't count and makes you a poor excuse for a gamer."

Take that, PC gamers!

If I could play a Mario game on my smartphone, I still wouldn't be playing one anytime soon.

BosSSyndrome1505d ago

Well, to be technical, its not the emulator itself thats illegal, just the downloading of roms. HOWEVER if he dumped a legitimate copy of his legally obtained game onto an sd card then used an emulator to play it, none of that is illegal. But lesbehonest what are the odds he did that..

Geekman1504d ago

We can't use emulators? Shoot, then I guess I didn't really play Mother 3.

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Kennytaur1505d ago

Man, emulators suck. I payed a premium for heart gold so I could play it on my 3DS instead of for free on mobile. I hate on-screen "buttons".

Pancit_Canton1506d ago

A lot of people have been playing Nintendo emulators on their smartphone. This is nothing new. Get with times Nintendo.

zero_gamer1505d ago

Hence your one bubble.

Releasing Nintendo games on iOS and Android goes against their grain. Might as well release their games on Steam at this point, no? Not going to happen.

contradictory1506d ago

i don't mind.
touchscreen sucks as a control method anyways...
atleast IMO

Summons751506d ago

No it's pretty much fact, there are the very very few rare apps out (that you can count on your hand) that do it well but those apps are MADE for the touch screen. FF or KOTOR all came out with horrible controls and some of the FF games were awfully 'enhanced' and it ruined the look of the game.

LAWSON721506d ago

Depends games like FF and Pokemon play great on my phone.

1nsaint1505d ago

hey man could you tell me the name of the custom HG Rom u where talking about?

contradictory1504d ago

yeah but they're turn based...
i could literally play them on a tv remote

LAWSON721504d ago

Your point? Even if they are even playable with a TV remote, they still work perfectly fine on touchscreens. JRPGs were probably one of the biggest genres on SNES, GBA, DS, PS1, PSP (emulation sucks for PSP though from what I have seen)

I could make a list of amazing turn based that I could play on my phone but I dont feel like writing down the huge list. Sure things like the platformers and action games are horrendous on touchscreens, but if you are that into emulation on your phone/tablet it is pretty easy for rooted users to use a DS3

contradictory1504d ago

i'm not shitting on turn-based games
most of my favorite games are turn-based..

but i'm trying to say that it's not an achievement to be able to play games that only require choosing from options on a touchscreen

touchscreen couldn't work too well with console style games where you need precision and fast reflexes

all in all i still vastly prefer emulation on my PC... also i can manage some pretty insane stuff like PS2 emulation at 6X native resolution which can look pretty amazing if your rig can handle it

and yeah this applies even to JRPG's..
i just don't like touchscreens... AT ALL.

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