Pure Pool coming to Xbox One this summer

Coming to Xbox One via that super busy [email protected] channel, VooFoo Studios and publisher Ripstone have announced the first next gen pool game to be making its way to Xbox One.

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Dan501508d ago

Kinect would be cool with this. :)

lfc_4eva1508d ago

Indeed. A virtual cue :-)

Bonkerz1508d ago

i actually really enjoy these type of games. I can definitely spend many hours playing pool games, also is alot of fun with family and friends. Will definitely buy this.

XanderZane1508d ago

I think I already have this on the XBox 360.

weirdo1508d ago

i'll pick this up. i still play arcade pool on my amiga, aga chip detected!

Dlacy13g1508d ago

But will it let you play Snooker?

incendy351508d ago

I tried to play that when I was in England... I didn't really get it though :D.

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