Mass Effect: Contact Title Clarification Made by Studio Director

BioWare´s studio director Yanick Roy deny all rumors about Mass Effect: Contact. The game "doesn't have a name yet, just a working title that we have used since day 1 of the project."

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-Foxtrot1415d ago

Phew....dodged the prequel bullet there didn't we

Abriael1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Not really. He just said that the working title isn't final, not that it doesn't exist. Whether it's a working title or the final one, the fact that it could say something about what the game is stands.

-Foxtrot1415d ago

Shhhhhhhh....let me hope :)

OrangePowerz1414d ago

What's wrong with contact? If it's about some first contact with a race or so ot would be fitting and give players directly an idea what it is about.

-Foxtrot1414d ago

Whats wrong with it....nothing if it's a sequel but if it's a prequel it would most likely end up linking into the First Contact war and to be honest we've heard enough about it.

Lucreto1414d ago

We thought it was about the first contact war. It didn't last long enough for a new trilogy.

OrangePowerz1414d ago

I don't mind a prequel since I would rather play in the established universe with cameos of characters that I know. A sequel would need to be set rather far in the future. There are plenty of stories they can tell in a sequel.


Only a few want a prequel. Majority does not! Majority rules

DOMination-1414d ago

Another "insider" bites the dust

Skate-AK1414d ago

What? He never said that was the final name. That just what he knows it by.

randomass1711413d ago

Hehe prequel bullet. That should be a trope. Is that a trope? 'Cuz it should be.

Anyway, I don't mind either so long as the end of Mass Effect 4 plays directly into how the new game's story pans out.

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CaptainSellers1414d ago

i'd much rather NOT see a prequel

F4sterTh4nFTL1414d ago

Whatever it is called I want it now.

DC7771414d ago

Don't worry, with EA and Bioware I'm sure it will be released before it even has a name ;)

kevinsheeks1414d ago

It's going to include Micro-Transactions Although I don't know if this is big news or not

randomass1711413d ago

Wait, when was that announced? o.O

kevinsheeks1413d ago

had to sweep it under the rug until the games are almost finished lol trick you with hype and graphics nickle and dime you with in-game bs

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