Detailed Version of Nintendo's Updated Million Sellers List, NSMBU Surpasses 4 Million

Nintendo’s games prove to still be evergreens.

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4logpc1350d ago

considering how many Wii U's are out there. Those numbers are quite good.

N4g_null1350d ago

Wow... x is coming in 2014? That is news... so x, smash, bayo2, and mariokart. New zelda announcement.

You know nintendo should redo nintendo land and make it online. Link it to this nfc toy thing also. That really was pretty good. I bet it would sell better had it had a demo.

A graphics jump and open world would have worked better also.

Mario 3d didn't sell that we'll though. Interesting. I think it was missing the graphics of mariokart and the imaginary art was lacking.

That was also one of Nintendos strong points.

Ck1x1350d ago

If they added an online component to Nintendoland, it could possibly be one of the most addictive games on the system right now!

Darkfist1350d ago

i thought you fanboys prefer offline co-op than online?

N4g_null1350d ago

Oh dark fist nintendo land is great off line I only brought it up because other fanboys have no local friends. .. I was thinking about you man!

Munnkyman1350d ago

They really should do some kind of dlc for Nintendo land

DC7771350d ago

I think 3D World was just released at a terrible time. Totally overshadowed by new console releases and Zelda on 3DS as well.

Ck1x1350d ago

3d World is an excellent game, but I think Nintendo needed a Super Mario game on the level of Galaxy or SM64. Not taking anything away from the latest game, but those 2 games in the SM series defined platform gaming! I feel the same way about DKCTF. Great game, but not what the WiiU needed at this time... As much as everyone wanted Retro to show a trailer for Metroid last e3, if they had waltzed out with a sequel to DK64. The Internet would have went crazy!

Darkfist1350d ago

realy? because im pretty sure all of my 175 local friends are playing online and we are realy having fun.

akaFullMetal1350d ago

Didn't NSMBU have alot of bundles? I doubt this is from only just selling the game by itself, unless someone can clarify?

for we are many1350d ago

I think the bundle was recent and NSMBU have already passed three millions before it.

bamillington1350d ago

Had nintendoland day 1 and still play with my 5year old son daily. Loads of laughs...awsome... I have other consoles and games come and are forgotten...

WPX1350d ago

Agreed. Great party multiplayer game (specially the Metroid one) but as Ck1x said, adding online to at least some games would be even sweeter.