What’s Bad About The Xbox One?

IM PLAYIN concludes their two part article series on the pros and cons of the Xbox One.

"Right. Let me start this article by saying that it’s the second in a two part series which is taking an honest look at the pros and cons of the Xbox One. I own an Xbox One, I love my Xbox One. But I’ve noticed on a few web forums that a common complaint is that Xbox One owners often refuse to admit the flaws in the console. So I decided to embark on this two part article series to talk about the good Xbox One and the bad Xbox One. Here is my article focusing on the good, (the good’s always first), in which I mention the great games, . Below is my article looking at the negatives. I will say, however, that sometimes when you’re so close to something it’s difficult to see its flaws. So it was tough coming up with this list of bad points … but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any."

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TheLyonKing1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Whats bad in my view is:

Price point
A lot of the features is for America only
I feel kinect doesnt appeal to me and so therefore is an expensive add on + I don't think they have marketed it well enough or even used it properly yet.

Finally I just don't want to shell out a system that (based on track record from the previous two systems) will lose support from the company after x amount of years.

EDIT* Instead of people mindlessly disagreeing could they please provide an argument to why my views could be considered wrong?

Francis21410d ago

I agree with the price point, and whilst I love the Kinect, I have a good few friends who don't use it and therefore would probably want it as a removable aspect of the console. That being said, I don't know if I would have willingly purchased it if I had the choice, before properly using it.

Not sure if I agree with the lose support thing. But then that's because I'm the sort of person that A) usually buys the latest console anyway and B) is more than happy purchasing older games. For example, there wasn't anything interesting me on the Xbox One at the moment whilst I'm waiting for Wolfenstein and Watch_Dogs, so I purchased Two Worlds and Dragon's Dogma for the 360 to fill a bit of spare time. (Both decent games btw, though Dogma is better)

Septic1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Things that annoy me about the X1:

1) Installation on games and downloads....absolutely despise the long install times. The PS4 is much better but then again, I haven't had a chance to install from disk

2) The UI- I actually prefer it to the PS4 in some regards but in others, its just slow and cumbersome. Its so much faster to check your friends list and messages etc on the PS4. I want to be able to snap my messages or snap friends list.

3) Its huge. It matters to me because I have wanted to take it round my mates a couple of times and the thing is so bloody massive I've just been put off it.

Other than that...I'm struggling to think of things apart from the obvious disadvantages like inferior specs etc. Its a decent console for sure.

Blaze9291410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@TheLyonKing "Instead of people mindlessly disagreeing could they please provide an argument to why my views could be considered wrong?"

I won't say you're views are wrong. But when it comes to "What’s Bad About The Xbox One?," you're views didn't answer the question.

Price point is subjective. You're value of a dollar will always be different than the person standing next to you. Price is a personal issue dealing with YOUR abilities to make money and what you think is worth the work you did for it.

Kinect, another personal issue.

Features mostly available in America - *ehem*, PERSONAL issues.

Loose support? Again, nothing to do with what's actually wrong with Xbox One. Just you're PERSONAL "beliefs"

Just a bunch of personal issues. What is wrong with the physical system itself?

Me PERSONALLY, I can afford and bought one. I live in America with great internet speeds. I love Kinect and it's potential. I never saw the Xbox 360 as "loosing support" - still getting updates and games to this day.

So, again, - "What’s Bad About The Xbox One?"

TheDarpaChief1410d ago

Its hardware is not definitive and fitting of the term next gen so it suffers as a whole

Hellsvacancy1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

So why is the XB1 good Blaze929?

To be honest it doesn't matter how you answer I will reply with "your PERSONAL beliefs say it's good for those reasons"

The guy said "A lot of the features is for America only" and you said "*ehem*, PERSONAL issues"

It doesn't matter if its a "personal issue" i'm not going to buy a shoe, no matter how well it's made or how cool they look if they don't fit my feet

Imalwaysright1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

How is having some features in just a few select countries "personal issues"? You didn't counter the points he made at all.

MysticStrummer1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

You just argued against his personal opinion by using your own personal opinion, after pointing out that his argument was only his opinion. His views did answer the question, you just don't agree with his answer.

For myself, well first of all I avoid giving money to MS whenever possible and have done so since long before they ever got into the console business. They have their tentacles spread far and wide so it's tough to avoid giving them money all the time, but I do my best.

As for the console itself, paying more for weaker hardware that includes an accessory I don't want, a controller I don't like, exclusives that don't interest me, lesser versions of multi plats because of that weaker hardware, and an extra fee to use other services I already pay for isn't something I'd ever rush to do. Most of that list also applies to the WiiU, but at least that weaker hardware is cheaper.

Blaze9291410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@TheDarpaChief "fitting of the term next gen"

So what is next-gen? I thought it simply meant the next generation of a product's production. But of course, you will give me PERSONAL definitions.

@Hellsvacancy "So why is the XB1 good Blaze929? "

You're asking me why a product is good?

But you follow up with, "To be honest it doesn't matter how you answer "

so why even ask in the first place?

@Imalwaysright "How is having some features in just a few select countries "personal issues"?"

So if person a doesn't have features person b has for living somewhere, who's problem is that? person a

all these replies yet yall can't seem to grip the simplest of concepts to this question. Whats WRONG with Xbox One. You don't like the controller? "YOU" - wtf?

I don't understand the logic. I see if you said, the controller has too much lag and latency. Then yes, that is something WRONG with the Xbox One. Likes, are PERSONAL

Imalwaysright1410d ago

No it is not a problem for "person a". Its a problem for the brand itself. "All in one" <- This was MS strategy for the whole generation to set their brand apart from the competition and everything they've done was to meet that goal. For example, the architecture of the X1 was to achieve that goal. Not having the features that set their brand apart from the competition in ALL the countries is a problem because it goes against how MS wants their brand to be perceived by us, consumers.

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bennissimo1410d ago

I can see MS using Azure to host all X1 games into perpetuity.

But if $100 makes or breaks a console purchase for you, you shouldn't be spending money on videogames.

LordMaim1410d ago

Let's gloss over the implied judgement about people's finances and look at your statement. It's not just the cost that's the issue, it's the value. The Xbox One costs more, and doesn't perform as well as the PS4. If the price were reduced, hopefully by removing the Kinect pack in, I would be more interested in picking one up to play Dead Rising 3 for example. But at the moment, the price point is the key barrier to early adoption.

Baccra171410d ago

Everyone always forgets that lose of support issue. I would also add that locking services like Netflix behind a paywall and having a lack of variety when it comes to games is also adding on to the bad list against Xbone.

choujij1410d ago

The mindless are easily lured.

ha8eraid1410d ago

I didn't give u a disagree but will tell u why I do disagree with your opinion. Price point is a mixed lot for most not saying your wrong but most people who really want it will buy it regardless of price if that's what they want. As far as support I can see where u coming from with that also but I still play my 360 just as much as my Xbox One nostalgia I guess but your basing it off cause Sony dropped a few more exclusives more but that's to each his own. Like I said these are my opinions and why (I) disagree with you

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XiSasukeUchiha1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

What my nitpick/bad point:

1) Not having an debundled Xbone, for the gamers who just don't want Kinect if they want to buy it, buy it separately
2) The Price point that justify the power of the console.
3) So far the games are alright, but hyped for Halo, and Sunset.
4) Cloud compute, PR talks because I have enough of theses.

This my trope/ nitpick/bad list, at the viewer's discretion these are opinion after all, so don't get offended. If your are any chance offended, please another comment.

Disagree: If you disagree please agrue with evidence and detail to prove my view is wrong, and no fanboyism, just straight honest facts.

bennissimo1410d ago

What's your beef with cloud computation?

MasterCornholio1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I guess the biggest issues is the price and the fact that most of the features are only available in the USA.

The whole thing about the weaker hardware would not matter if it was cheaper than the PS4.

hello121410d ago

Kinect can't be removed because its integral to the OS.

People use it for voice controls, uploading videos, and streaming. Honestly its worth the 100 Euros if you do all this stuff. There is a reason why the Playstation camera is wanted now by Sony fans. Just get over it was included with the x box 1, kinect has uses.

ceedubya91410d ago

Kinect isn't really needed, but it is beneficial to get the complete experience from the console. The necessity of Kinect probably wouldn't even be a talking point if the One was 399.

MasterCornholio1410d ago


The system works without the camera. That was one of their 180s if you dont remember.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

Kinect is integral to the OS because the OS was designed that way, to make Kinect seem more needed than it actually is.

None of the things you mentioned require Kinect, by the way. People do those things all the time without it.

forcefullpower1410d ago

This is exactly how I feel about their console and the price for worse hardware. They need to remove kinect and drop the price to under £300. Personally £250 should be the correct amount. This is one of the reasons I have not bough a Wii U yet either when its priced at £250 just to much and should have been around £150.

vongruetz1410d ago

What's bad? Everyone is playing on the PS4.

truefan11410d ago

This article should have come out yesterday, Sunset Overdrive just looks to awesome for a doom XB1 article.

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