Bound By Flame 60 Minutes of Gameplay

A look at Spiders' action role playing game Bound By Flame which appears on PC, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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RaidensRising1443d ago

No reviews for this and it releases tomorrow doesn't bode well.

MasterCornholio1443d ago

Reminds me of what happened to Ryse and the review embargo.

gamer78041443d ago

except that Ryse is actually really good, not perfect but really good.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1443d ago

^ it's reviews said otherwise gamer7804

MasterCornholio1443d ago


Kenshin is right. Ryse is a bad game just like knack.

But the good news is that there are plenty of great games coming out in the future so I wouldn't worry about Ryse.

morganfell1443d ago

I have been at Bound By Flame for over 4 hours. It is very much an RPG though there are elements that as of yet haven't branched my style to the poin tmy choices have had a huge impact. That isn't unusual for me as with Skyrim I tended to be pretty even in armed combat and magic rather than picking one or the other on which to concentrate. The game has a few small issues but there are moments when it is graphically pretty decent on the PS4. Pores in the skin and such are quite visable and the lighting engine gets the job done being more than just serviceable.

The enemy types are not just hack and slash affairs as you have to use varied tactics on each. The first encounter in the swamp will force you to be wise. This may not be the case on easier difficulties but certainly it is true on harder settings.

For the price I payed, $49 USD, I am happier with it than I have been with some other purchases in the past. It isn't a 10, or even a 9 but it is a huge leap for them over past games I own made by them such as Of Orcs and Men, Mars War Logs, and Game of Thrones.

meatysausage1443d ago

ive lost it with reviews, its comparing one persons views to my own.
Ryse was a damn good game, simple yes but i loved it even though i hate hack and slash games. I also loved knack, i can see why people would maybe give it a lower score but it was great and exactly what i wanted to play in amongst the launch lineup of games.

But unless it gets 1's and 2's, never base a decision on someone elses decision

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Sly-Lupin1443d ago

A $40 MSRP already discounted 15% prior to launch bodes even worse.

Palitera1443d ago

Nothing about this game bodes well.

Dchops1443d ago

Indeed... combat looks quite slow.

Palitera1443d ago

Slow and without any impact whatsoever.

uth111443d ago

I've seen a review or two. Sounded decent.

Ashunderfire861443d ago

I seen people play this on Twitch and Ustream already. Sorry to say this, but its not looking good. It will get a 5 or 6 at best. Not the RPG that everybody is looking for at the moment. Dark Souls 2 rip this a new one.

thaimasker1443d ago

Well to be fair GTAV And Dark souls 2 were in the same boat.

1nsomniac1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Its been on PSN store since last night, £50 - not a chance!

BlackWolf121443d ago

Reviews are hitting for this game now. Polygon gave it a 4, but I never listen to anything they say.

It seems fun, but you can tell it was made by a low budget team.

Average on metacritic is 52, that is better than some launch titles.

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InMyOpinion1443d ago

Was this game ported from 360/PS3 to XB1/PS4? Certainly looks like it might've been...

starchild1443d ago

I think the graphics are pretty good, especially considering it was made by a smaller development studio with a fairly small budget.

VanguardOfCalamity1443d ago

I've been back and forth on this game since I heard of it... like 3 days ago - went ahead and bite the bullet since it was $33.99 on Steam + I'm a sucker for RPGs with branching storylines - hope it is decent :3

OhMyGandhi1443d ago

This game has an interesting color scheme. But man that combat, and the brain dead AI...
Don't get me wrong, this game looks like it would be pretty fun, maybe a 6.5 if we are lucky....

ShadesMoolah1443d ago

Game looks ok to me but not really on my radar at the moment. Still, it's the first action RPG on PS4 so I might bite at some point.

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