Project Morpheus was built into PS4 from the start - we just didn't know it


"The often unpopular light bar on the DualShock 4 controller was included at the request of the team working on the VR Project Morpheus headset.

While PS4's recent 1.7 update allowed users for the first time to dim the controller's in-built light, Sony has doggedly refused requests from users to add the option of turning it off completely.

SCEE's senior designer Jed Ashforth has told TechRadar, however, that it's all part of a bigger plan"

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Kayant1533d ago

Just like the camera ;)

MasterCornholio1533d ago

But not everyone wants VR which is why the camera is optional.

There's nothing wrong with that I'm pretty sure there will be a Morpheus bundled with a camera for those who need both.

theshonen88991533d ago

I still don't see why they can't give us the option of turning off the lightbar. I look forward to VR, I really do, but until then the lightbar is doing nothing but being distracting and sucking up battery.

It's not a huge deal, just would've been nice to have an option.

Azmatik1533d ago

@theshonen. I actually find the lightbar very useful especialy in the dark while pluging a USB into my ps4 makes it very easy to spot the usb slot. We are all going to have to live with it the lightbar isn't going anywhere and if you are concerned about battery know that the lightbar barely makes a dent it is the rumble that drains your battery and always has been since PS3, you want to save battery? turn off rumble. I don't see how the lightbar is a distraction anymore at the dimest setting you can barely notice it am I alone?

ZodTheRipper1533d ago

No, you're alone, the lightbar is awesome and actually one of the best features of the DS4. Especially on PC where it can show the battery level with different colors.

RegorL1533d ago

The light bar is VERY bright (even dimmed) when playing in a dark room.

Why dark?

Home cinema!

Playing with Morpheus you wont need any projector and can play in a lighted room (unless others want to watch).
So having it off should be the default when not having a camera connected...

BTW PS3 Move calibration does not work well in many games. They do not expect a very dark room. Noise shows up as colored pixels messing with the light detection. Hope they fix this for PS4...

S2Killinit1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

True. But, im getting the camera now in preparation for Morpheus (:
If i can find one that is

frostypants1533d ago

To the people complaining about the light bar eating the battery: it hardly uses it. LEDs are efficient as hell.

randomass1711531d ago

As long as Morpheus is compatible with most of the PS4's immediate library, that's A-OK for me. Not forcing something on your audience is a cool way to help advertise it. PS Move was fairly successful from what I remember.

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anwe1533d ago

Amazes me how many people are so dead set against even having the option of disabling the light bar. What's so bad about allowing someone to customize something that has zero effect on other people. I just wish I could disable the stupid trophies and "what's new".

MantaRay1533d ago

I think it's probably just not possible. I design electronic hardware for a living, and it's very possible that Sony never considered the possibility when they did the initial design, and the "dim" setting on the bar is actually as low as the controller hardware is capable of going.

toddybad1532d ago

I just don't understand why everybody thinks every element of a console should be amendable how they'd like it. If you don't like lightbars but a XB1 or an alternative controller if and when somebody else makes one. The DS4 has a lightbar on it - get over it!

randomass1711531d ago

@toddybad Wait... then what is your issue with it exactly? I mean if it's an aesthetic issue then why not let people change it how they see fit? I mean if it's technically not possible then it's fine, but if the ability is there then why not people customize their experience to suit their needs? Many games do that, why not consoles and controllers?

GribbleGrunger1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I did *smug face*. Well ... Once they'd shown VR anyway. *Not so smug face*

4logpc1533d ago

same thing about the Kinect with Xbox One. They are going to use in conjunction with their AR and or VR tech.

Sony and Microsoft are smart and plan ahead.

Majin-vegeta1533d ago

Sony you sneaky sneaky little people ;).Guess this goes against everyone who had said it was suppose to be bundled with the camera and they left it out at the last moment to keep the price low.

Dudebro901533d ago

considering you need the camera for Morpheus....

MasterCornholio1533d ago


You dont need move just the camera.

Volkama1533d ago

I think perhaps when they dropped the camera from the base package they should have just held it back, rather than sold it as a peripheral.

Now rather than just include it with the Morpheus they will have to whack a little "you need the camera too!" sticker on there, or offer 2 SKUs. Not complicated to your or me, but that kind of thing can hurt in the "plug and play" mainstream.

randomass1711531d ago

Move will probably help with the first person games though. That'd be sick. :)

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Josh1011533d ago

Well, it was always a silly argument. If they planned on that, wouldn't the PS Eye be readily available in stores?

DK_Kithuni_711533d ago

Sony has plans. Big plans. Remember to buy stock in the company. Trading at $17,59 as we speak and will in my best guestimate reach at least $50 next year.

XiSasukeUchiha1533d ago

Sony has good integration skills by making anything seamless to the PS4 just like that!

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