‘What if you gave Tony Hawk a gun?’ Meet Insomniac’s Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive | Edge

Sunset Overdrive is an open-world superhuman adventure in the mould of Prototype and Infamous, but your power is traversal – every wall can be run on; every ledge, mantled; every car and awning is a springboard; every rail and wire can be grinded indefinitely while firing on the armies of OD’d zombies prowling the streets of Sunset City. But these aren’t the rotting undead seen in a thousand other games. They’re mutants, transformed by a new energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT. Here’s what else you need to know.

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W3R3W00F1444d ago

This actually looks promising.

Yes, it's coming to Xbone, but it really looks fresh. I commend Insomniac for trying to break the mold but still offer something that isn't miles out of familiar bounds.

NewMonday1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

sound like a pointless mash up, dead rising with brighter colors and rail riding from Bioshock Infinite.

MS seems to think all gamers are 12 year olds, they need games with depth and substance to get our attention.

Convas1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Oh look, it's NewMonday.

TitanFall was too space marine and overhyped, and now Sunset Overdrive is too colorful and playful.

Next, Quantum Break will be to ostentatious, Halo 5 will be too experimental, Fable Legends too dependent on Co-Op. Your "reasons" for disliking each and everyone will continue to vary wildly.

MS can't win, which begs the question ... WHY EVEN COMMENT IF THEY CAN DO NOTHING TO PLEASE YOU.

NewMonday1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Quantum Break looks good, and I love Halo actually, used to like Fable before they ruined it.

OpieWinston1444d ago

So you NEVER owned a PS1...
Spyro/Ratchet & Clank
Childish games? Insomniac are gods when it comes to making colorful fun experiences. And this game is from the core team that brought us Spyro/Ratchet.

If the games on Playstation you don't care...but if it's on Xbox you call it childish. Dude you've got problems and are the definition of a fanboy.

If this game is Dead Rising with brighter colors then you clearly don't know WTF DR3 or Sunset Overdrive are.

It looks like Infamous SS did when they showed off gameplay. I remember having the same mesmerizing feeling and now Sunset Overdrive offers me that and more. I'm pumped, and you should be too kid.

NewMonday1444d ago


never liked any game Insomniac made last gen, they didn't evolve like ND and SP.

4Sh0w1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

lol, I was just saying in another thread it looked like a mixture of Tony Hawk, Crackdown and inFamous to me. Uhm, well that trailer from gameinformer also mentioned Tony Hawk, either way its a good thing, ALL games today remind us of other older games.

lol, at Maria trying too hard.

Septic1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Hold up:

"MS seems to think all gamers are 12 year olds, they need games with depth and substance to get our attention."

but you say:

"Quantum Break looks good, and I love Halo actually,"

So...what? MS seem to think all gamers are 12 year olds because they gave this game a cartoony look?

So by your logic (teehee) when the LEAD DESIGNER of the PS4 made Knack, you must have really thought that the console was catered for children.


"they need games with depth and substance to get our attention."

What precludes this game's more family friendly tone from having more depth and substance?

Give it're not fooling anyone.


"so extreme violence is "family friendly" now? SMH!"

Okay, let me re-word it; replace 'family friendly' for 'cartoony look'.

Still...waiting on you to reply to my post...

NewMonday1444d ago


so extreme violence is "family friendly" now? SMH!

Septic1444d ago

I was alluding to the visuals but fine.....'more cartoony look'. Happy? Don't dodge the question on earth does MS seem to think all gamers are 12 year olds? Quantum Break and Halo definitely look like they cater for 12 year olds right?

NewMonday1444d ago


"I was alluding to the visuals"

awful spin attempt, try again

"Don't dodge the question though"

it explains many things you would find confusing, if only people do enough reading..

Septic1444d ago

Lol what awful spin attempt?? I even said replace the words then. Still dodging everything I see.

Lol its so easy to tear your poor statements apart.

Y u do dis?

maniacmayhem1444d ago


"MS seems to think all gamers are 12 year olds, they need games with depth and substance to get our attention."

Yes because Sunset Overdrive is the only new game releasing for the X1. And lord forbid variety in gameplay that would appeal to others who just want some wacky, humorous action.

And Quantum Break and Halo obviously has your attention so MS must be doing right by gamers. And enough attention for you to comment on Sunset.

Keep on trying though Monday, your efforts in all Titanfall articles were just as hilarious.

NewMonday1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


Sunset Overdrive Dark Rising and Titanfall are all shallow games that get old quick, the first hour is the same experience as the 10th hour, with the lack of interesting story to keep you going on.

the same vein as Gears of War and the abomination they turned Fable into, that's is the trend of immature games I'm talking about. some like that but many don't.

QB and Halo are interesting games but thy are only 2, just explaining why the gaming community doesn't find the XBone interesting, you can pretend the world is different if you wish.

maniacmayhem1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I love how you are the voice of the entire gaming community. That's what is so hilarious about your comments.

I can do it too...


The gaming community finds Sunset Overdrive, Gears of War and other games we have not even experienced hands on to be a blast and a breath of fresh air in this otherwise stale gaming environment.

This is why the gaming community finds the Xone the best choice and the PS4 lacking in all areas.

Wow, that was very liberating. I actually believed for a second that I was the voice of everyone and they all shared my own opinion. No wonder you do it all the time, it is definitely empowering.

The only one pretending is you.

randomass1711442d ago

Team Fortress 2 has a cartoony art style but it also has blood, gore and some swearing. Just because Sunset Overdrive has a stylized look does NOT mean it's for children.

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GiantEnemyCrab1444d ago

It's either a lazy person trying to type XBOne or someone who still thinks calling the Xbox One the "bone" is funny and they probably have male genitalia on their mind.

goldwyncq1444d ago

What 8 year olds call the Xbox One.

randomass1711442d ago

A lame nickname for an alright console.

Hellsvacancy1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Reminded me of inFamous/Saints Row

With abit of Bioshock Infinite

That is NOT a criticism

Drekken1444d ago

I bought all of Insomniacs games last gen and had fun with all of them. It is a shame Sony let the partnership die... This game looks fun. Too bad I won't be playing it.

Hellsvacancy1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I personally hated all the Resistence games and i'm not particularly interested in Ratchet And Clank either, Spryo The Dragon are the only Insomniac games i've ever liked/LOVED, so Sony letting them go didn't bother me at all

In some ways it was the best thing to happen to Insomniac, I guess they felt they had to up there game, which they certainly have, SO looks alright, looks better than there older games anyway

I do miss Spyro though

Drekken1444d ago

The thing that annoys me is Insomniac specifically said that they wanted to expand their user base by making multiplatform games. They made one flop then went exclusive to MS. It makes no sense. They must have had a falling out with Sony... BUT they did make this last R&C, so who knows.

randomass1711442d ago

@Drekken Microsoft probably gave them the best deal for exclusivity. Kinda like Nintendo with Bayonetta 2?

hazard17remedy1444d ago

This game looks awesome.

And, please someone can answer me something? Why hate a game only because it's in a rival console? This is for Sony and Microsoft fans.

Nobody HAS to like every gamer that exist, but hate a game with logical thoughts, not because isn't on you fav console. We haven't seen anything about Sunset Overdrive, only a trailer and previews. Wait for gameplay to say anything.

Xavy1444d ago

Tell that to your X friends.

Plus i have seen the gameplay and looks like Infamous, the world is souless. nothing special realy.

lets_go_gunners1444d ago

I'm sorry but you see a couple gifs and can say whether or not the world is boring or not?

NewMonday1444d ago

never said anything bad about this game before today because I didn't have any information about it. but now after the first previews I'm not impressed.

tuglu_pati1444d ago

I don't think you would be impressed about anything Xbox related and that's ok to each it own.

randomass1711442d ago

I'm primarily a Sony fan but I like to keep an open mind about the competition. There is ZERO reason to discredit a game for being exclusive to one console. I hate it when people did it to both Titanfall and InFamous and I hate to see it happen to Overdrive which looks really dang cool.

truefan11444d ago

Tony Hawk was awesome, I remember grinding around the very first game and completing a move call the Holy S**t. This game is looking really good.

Xdone1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Knack was criticized so much for being a kiddy game with cartoonish graphics, now all of a sudden xbone fans are liking a kiddy game with cartoonish graphics, such hypocrites!

Ron_Danger1444d ago

Bad comparison is bad.

Knack was cartoony and "kiddy" because Cerny wanted the easy difficulty to be accessible to young gamers which is why he stated that it could be a child's first console game (playing it on hard is a different story though).

Sunset Overdrive is just Insomniac being Insomniac. They try to make their games appeal to every age group.

That being said, one of the factors as to why Insomniac was so successful years back is answered in this link:

Make sure you click the "significant games" link. I had no idea he produced Sonic 2.

Xdone1444d ago

You didn't get my point mate. I am not saying that sunset overdrive shouldn't have been cartoonish, i am pointing out the hypocrisy of some people who downplayed knack for being cartoonish yet they are singing songs of sunset overdrive.

Hope I made it clear to you.

4Sh0w1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

No, again I think you missed his point, which was that while Sunset Overdrive has a cartoony look #1 its very stylized compared to Knack and #2 more importantly the gameplay is not "kiddy" in the same way as Knack's gameplay was "kiddy" which he states Cerny himself said so and intended it that way, sort of saying it was something you could buy to let your kids play on your new ps4 too. Also Knack isn't a open world fast paced game with lots of enemies on screen, plus lots going on while you are traversing the environment as you can see here (suggest you mute the sound):

-I know this is a lower res youtube vid than the source one which gameinformer no longer has up on their site but you can see just how energetic this game is, really theres just no comparison to Knack other than cartoon style and I don't think anyone was knocking Knack for its cartoon style, it just never wowed anyone for what it does, again even Cerny downplayed it as a next gen game, calling it a "secondary purchase"; so like Ron Danger said Bad comparison is bad.

goldwyncq1444d ago

No, it was criticized for being repetitive thought I personally didn't mind.

Xdone1444d ago

Nope mate.
I have gone into many knack articles and I have seen it being criticized for being kiddy and cartoonish.
If you don't believe me, you can look into the articles for yourself.

randomass1711442d ago

Most of the criticism from critics I heard was that the game was generic and repetitive. I never really minded the art style, personally.

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