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4logpc1531d ago

ouch. Im nto sure if a lot of people were going to get it anyway after the reviews.

cyclindk1531d ago

Calling DOA or as has been said below ENTIRELY free to play.

pompombrum1531d ago

People would get it. While most of the complaints in the reviews are right, the game itself is still a lot of fun. The subscription certainly will put a lot of console gamers off but those who give it a chance, will most likely have a blast while they're playing.

Still, I hope Zenimax plans on rewarding it's PC userbase for beta testing the console version.

ShowGun9011531d ago


its not the sub that will kill this game, its the REVIEW SCORES! people will pay a subscription if the game is excellent, if its crap, they wont.

FFXIV is alive and well, sub included. Heck, when they beta tested it I heard they had about twice as many people wanting to play than they had servers for. Im paying a sub right now for FFXIV, and its worth it. I think i'd feel ripped off paying a sub for ESO though.

spaceg0st1531d ago

Better be knocking off that monthly subscription

MysticStrummer1531d ago

I don't understand why people keep saying this. Yes, Skyrim is great, but the next proper ES game will be set in another province just like all the rest have always been.

anarchyxrulz1531d ago

It's b/c a lot of ppl don't know that Skyrim belongs to the larger Elder Scrolls series, which is kind of sad.

ShowGun9011531d ago

I think its just shorthand. They mean, give me more of what i liked!

Like if i asked for COD: Black Ops 3. they're probably done with the Black Ops subtitle, but what i really mean is i want another Treyarch COD. I don't care what subset its in.

Or they could be idiots. Or they could ACTUALLY want another game in skyrim, which won't happen right now, but theyre free to petition LOL!

jhpadilla1531d ago

Meanwhile they should release Skyrim for next gen... now!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.