NVIDIA Titanfall Gameplay Footage Via Shadowplay

Skewed and Reviewed have posted footage from their review of a 2GB DDR 5 750 GTX TI graphics card and the Shadowplay tech

Shadowplay is a free feature of the newer NVIDIA cards that offers HD streaming and capture of gameplay video without any lag or gameplay issues.

There are options to have your image in the footage via a webcam and to also allow your voice to be heard for those who want to stream to Twitch and such.

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Garethvk1387d ago

I really like Shadowplay. So many options on what we can do. We can do funny vids, commentary, walkthroughs, etc.

Audiggity1386d ago

I'm surprised at how smooth the 750Ti runs this for its low price point.

However, what's up w/ the pixelation in the video? Is this a function of ShadowPlay or a bad YouTube upload?