Mario Kart 8 review - 9/10 in Edge: "As essential as Super Mario 3D World"

Edge's Mario Kart 8 review has been published in the new issue of the magazine, which is available now in print and digitally.

"Even 2011's effervescent 3DS outing, Mario Kart 7, feels somewhat lifeless by comparison," the 9/10 review reads. "The new HD visuals are gorgeous, but Nintendo has also built on 7's neatly interlaced mechanics and introduced a nuanced handling model to create the greatest Mario Kart yet."

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randomass1711503d ago

Next gen (now current gen) began when Wii U launched, silly. ;) But May 30th will be a great day of current generation excitement!

mikeslemonade1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Nope. It's still debatable whether or not WiiU is a current gen system.

And a 9 for Mario Kart 8?? Where's the perfect 10s we were suppose to being seeing. This only further more confirms that the Wii U has only about a year left until the next system comes out.

fonger081503d ago

@mikeslemonade sour grapes much? How is the Wii U's generation debatable, because if i count from 1 to 8 (in terms of generations) not too many numbers repeat themselves.

Septic1502d ago


Those are some sour lemons you're using to make dat lemonade. Edge are quite harsh on their scores and they dont just dole out 10's.

So this gets a 9 and apparently the Wii U is going to fail?


randomass1711502d ago

@mikeslemonade Really dude? Sheesh.

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Reeze1503d ago

Mike, there's a reason you have one bubble.

Wii U is current-gen, along with Xone and PS4.

A 9/10 is nearly perfect.

rivencleft1503d ago

I know I can't wait, Rainbow Road! Think I'm most excited for that level specifically.

browngamer411503d ago

Damn! That's a good score from a site like edge which is notorious for low scores..

Christopher1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Edge is notorious for praising Nintendo games on high, actually. I wouldn't expect anything less from them.

Edit: This isn't to say the game doesn't deserve praise, but this is Edge and they love the heck out of Nintendo IPs.

Old McGroin1503d ago

"Edit: This isn't to say the game doesn't deserve praise, but this is Edge and they love the heck out of Nintendo IPs."

Can't blame them, Nintendo make really good games, Most people who play Nintendo games love the heck out of them!

X1PS4WiiU1503d ago

Double Dash got a 5. How about that Nintendo praise?

Christopher1503d ago

Shoot. X1PS4WiiU found one game that didn't get top marks and that totally invalidates my whole argument. /s

Old McGroin1503d ago

"Shoot. X1PS4WiiU found one game that didn't get top marks and that totally invalidates my whole argument."

It kind of does. You said Edge are notorious for praising Nintendo games on high and that you wouldn't expect anything less. They gave Double Dash a 5. That's not a great score at all.

Christopher1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Notorious: being well known for...

I don't see where the definition of notorious equates to always.

randomass1711503d ago

Old McGroin kind of has a point though.

Knushwood Butt1502d ago


Edge kiss Nintendo (and particularly Miyamoto's) a**.

coltlokk1502d ago

For comparison's sake, Mario Kart Wii scored a 6 and Double Dash a 5. So they don't usually praise Mario Kart games like this. Except for MK7, which they loved.

There's a lot of variety, I would just like to believe they are rating each game for what it is.

Christopher1502d ago

@coltlokk: I believe they do. I think they make the mistakes that others make all the time in their reviews (hypocrisy), but I do believe they rate games based on how much they enjoy them. I also just believe that the people that work there tend to gravitate towards Nintendo IPs as the "gold standard". Not all of them, not all of the time, but Nintendo IPs tend to grace their cover more than others and their reviews of them are some of the best written and also some of the most endearing signs of their love for Nintendo's games.

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SixtyNine1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

No, Edge just scores realistically. So high ratings would actually have merit.

Your comment is proof of that.

N4g_null1503d ago

Yeah the game play is awesome and it looks like a pinar movie gone mad lol.

You have to remember these guys made the wii look good. So tweaking and tool learning and suddenly they are making the god of war addition mariokart lol.

I'm starting to wonder how far nintendo might push their graphics now. They are catching on pretty fast plus the tools are so much better now. It seems the os has gotten way faster also.

Venox20081503d ago

yea, new Wii U update is coming soon :)))

R00bot1502d ago

Dat new loading time after the next update doe.
Roughly 15 seconds to go from turning it on to playing the game. Less if you discount the time it takes to choose the game and your profile.

pcz1502d ago

this will be my first wiiu game just announced an amazing steelbook edition

now i just have to buy the console.. lol

marloc_x1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

This snowball's getting larger:)

Venox20081503d ago

preordered, can't wait to get free game download code as well :) Wind Waker HD, here I coooome! :)

XiSasukeUchiha1503d ago

Yep the reviewers love it, so do we the consumers :)

May 30th !!!!

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