How Insomniac designed the zany ‘awesomepocalypse’ of Sunset Overdrive | Gamebeat

After they finished designing Resistance 3 for the PlayStation 3, Insomniac Games designers Marcus Smith and Drew Murray were tired of the gray, depressing landscapes of the apocalypse. They were both about to become fathers, which meant that the responsibilities of parenthood were coming, and that made them think even more about the apocalypse.

So they created the zany, breezy, funny post-apocalyptic game Sunset Overdrive, an exclusive for the Xbox One that Microsoft is publishing later this year.

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Tolkoto1415d ago

Well, it certainly looks pretty.

Raistlinhawke1415d ago

Nice to hear developers are just as tired of brown and gray landscapes as we are.

deantak1415d ago

The pretty apocalypse.

darkronin2291415d ago

Cool to see more of a silly take on the end of the world