How Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive mixes gunplay with rail-grinds | Eurogamer

The walls of Insomniac Games' LA office reception area are lined with magazine covers depicting the firm's 20 year history. The dynamic duo of Ratchet and Clank peer down from a great many of the of them, while the less-cuddly, four-eyed Chimera of the Resistance series are plastered across others, and Spyro's smile is dotted throughout. All serve to celebrate Insomniac's past glories but they also represent successful franchises that Insomniac has created and developed but ultimately does not own.

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4Sh0w1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Nice preview, seems Insomniac are nailing the gameplay and art style with this one:

"A press of the X button is required to snap to the closest rail, wall or zip-line, which greatly reduces the potential for accidental parkour while also imbuing the traversal system with a sense of proactive impetus. It's not long before you've moved from grinding a rail and shooting a bad guy to conducting an entire boss battle hundreds of feet above ground while performing fluid tricks with the 'A to jump, X to land' combo that quickly becomes second nature."

"It's this coherence that helps Sunset City become the very definition of a virtual playground. While story missions, side-quests and bite-sized challenges are designed to keep you entertained, there's pleasure to be found in simply running amok and fighting the OD'D, NPC human enemies and FizzCo's robotic security forces."

"On the way out of the office, I pass through the reception area again, only this time I'm not looking at the magazine covered walls. Instead, I'm assessing whether I could bounce from the sofa, to the reception desk and through the open door to the railings of the balcony beyond; Sunset Overdrive is on track to be that sort of game." -Eurogamer