Watch how fast the Wii U loads with its new quick start menu

Nintendo has published a video showing off the Wii U's upcoming quick start menu feature, which is due to be added in a future system update.

The option will slash the time taken to boot the console and load a piece of software by presenting you with a list of recently-used apps and games. From this menu you can then pick the option you want and select it directly, skipping the console's home screen.

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Neonridr1502d ago

Now that is awesome.

Remember the good ol' days when you put in a game, turned on the system and the game booted up? :P

DryBoneKoopa851502d ago

Still have my Super Nintendo hooked up! I collect Super Nintendo games and still to this day do not think any other system beats out the good old SNES (IMHO).

Have you seen the new $500 NES HD system that is coming out later this year? Thinking about picking one up to get all my old NES games to look amazing on my 55in Samsung TV.

randomass1711501d ago

Speedy boot ups are always welcome in my book. Hope the other consoles get this feature (assuming they don't already have them).

XiSasukeUchiha1502d ago

Damn faster than speed of sound!

iplay1up21502d ago

NICE! Now Nintendo how bout Pandora and IHEARTRADIO free apps.

lilbroRx1502d ago

The Wii U isn't a smartphone or a tablet.

LOL_WUT1502d ago

Yes, we know that but it could use some great apps because its current offerings are lacking. ;)

Chrischi19881502d ago

The Webbrowser, the most important appl, one could say, is by far the most superior out of all the new consoles. Please, if you never tried it or dont know how it works, you should not just blindly disagree.

Realplaya1502d ago

It offers more than some consoles.

randomass1711501d ago

@libroRx As long as it has Netflix and a web browser, I'm golden, honestly. If I want apps, I'll just use my phone (archaic as my phone happens to be).

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1502d ago

Nintendo is Keeping it gaming related.

That why Nintendo TVii became irrelevant after it launched in Dec. 2012

DC7771502d ago

It's perfectly relevant in a world where you want to scribble on screenshots of what's on TV...wherever that is.

N4g_null1502d ago

Sdk update incoming.... lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.