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Eurogamer: Even in the worst of recent Spidey games there was always that fragment - that little sputtering flame of childlike excitement - that could kick in once you swan-dived off a skyscraper, clad in iconic red and blue. It's gone. Sullied by lacklustre gameplay and trampled by technical shoddiness, this time Spidey hasn't been done in by the Sinister Six, but reduced to a Terrible Two.

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4logpc1479d ago

Come on... A two? Get real.

ShowGun9011479d ago

"So trust me when I say that it breaks my heart to type this. I'm playing The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I'm swinging down New York's concrete canyons, soaring into the air, falling to the ground and thwipping my way to safety at the very last second. It's the thing that six-year-old me dreamed of.
And I feel nothing.
Actually, no. It's worse than that. I feel annoyed."

Personally i think the number system should be abolished in video game reviews, going to a 3 tier system.

Buy It
Don't Buy

if my system was in effect, people would have to actually read the articles and see what they didn't like about the game, instead of griping about silly numbers.

whats the difference between an 89 and an 87? alot if this kinda thing keeps you up at night. Really, though, its next to nothing, and the only thing you should look at is WHY the reviewer thought he wasted his time with a game. if you agree, don't buy it. If what he mentioned doesn't bother you, pick it up.

The REASONS he gave it a 2 is what people should be arguing about, not the number.

Bonkerz1479d ago

idk about this. I really dont think ANY game should get a 2/10. That is kind of a troll review, the game is nowhere near that rating. Dont get me wrong its not a great game but its not a 2. I would legitimately give it a 6-7.

SilentNegotiator1479d ago

"I really dont think ANY game should get a 2/10"

Are you kidding me?

diesoft1479d ago

Opinion of this game aside, you don't think some games deserve a 2? I want you to play the original mortal kombat on the original game boy (or on an emulator lol) and sit there and tell me with a straight face some games don't deserve a 2 (or in that case a 1).

Hands down one of the worst games I have EVER played, and I loved MK a lot back then so that sucked even more.

nope1111479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Same reviewer liked Rambo: The Video Game more...

And this is why i don't take critics seriously.

Monkeycan81479d ago

They gave that a 5!!!!???? WTF!!!!

WeAreLegion1479d ago

This is ridiculous. It has its flaws, but overall, it's a decent game. A 2/10 is insulting. Cut Beenox some slack. They're putting more effort into these games than most movie tie-ins we see.

stubee341479d ago

This game was terrible.A 2 is about right.

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