Performance Analysis: Daylight on PS4 and PC

Eurogamer :

"Overall, it's clear that Daylight isn't a smooth experience for either PS4 or higher-end PCs, nor one which comes close to the splendour of the Unreal Engine 4's effects-heavy Elemental demo. Frame-rates are disappointingly low in places given how little is actually being rendered on-screen, pointing towards a poorly optimised game rather than an inherently sluggish engine. In its defence, Daylight's use of procedurally generated levels is an unusual twist that generally pays off - and as the 7/10 Eurogamer review explains, this is a genuinely creepy, disturbing game, but as a sample of Epic Games' latest tech, we're still left wanting in terms of witnessing what the new consoles are truly capable of."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1352d ago

The game runs flawlessly on my PC at max settings but it just does not feel scary at all. Maybe I am just too brave.

Josh1011352d ago

Outlast is reallly, by far, scarier. Playing that game on hard works your nerves.

incendy351352d ago

The atmosphere, story and "frame rate" will haunt your dreams :D.