Ted Price Talks Sunset Overdrive Development on Xbox One, City is “Giant” With Lots to Explore

OnlySP: A lot of developers have been answering questions about development on the PS4. With one of the big upcoming Xbox One exclusives finally being revealed to the public, Ted Price gives some small details on developing for the Xbox One.

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ThatKanadianKid1415d ago

I'd agree with the author here on Insomniac not being able to talk about the cloud yet. I wonder what Microsoft has in store to show us at E3 this year for it. I hope they can really show the benefits of it after the consoles been out one year now.

Volkama1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Back when the game was announced it was said to be on the One because of what the cloud enabled them to do in terms of a persistent city.

Of course when the game was announced the console was primed to be always-online, but things have changed and it is quite probable that the design of the game had to change to facilitate offline play.

I'll be happier if it does leverage the servers and comes with an online requirement whether you are playing with others or not, but such design decisions will face backlash so I doubt we'll see it.

XiSasukeUchiha1415d ago

Hmmm.... I'm big Insomniac fan so this game is making me hyped up!

Volkama1415d ago

"More than likely those “aspects” Price can’t talk about yet pertain to the Cloud and how it works with Sunset Overdrive so we’ll have to wait for me details on that. It was used in Dead Rising 3′s open world so considering just how big Sunset Overdrive sounds we wouldn’t be surprised to see it used there as well."

Dead Rising 3 didn't use the cloud in any way shape or form. Even the co-op was peer to peer.

Hopefully Sunset Overdrive will, as I would like to see a thriving city and that's something server-side AI is well suited for.

PockyKing1415d ago

The Cloud was used to offload the computing for how many AI they had on screen.

Volkama1415d ago

In Dead Rising? No it wasn't...

If you own the game just disconnect your Xbox and play it, that'll give you all the evidence you need that it isn't using the cloud.

Or straight from the horse's mouth:
One aspect of Xbox One Capcom Vancouver hasn't made use of is the cloud computing support, however. "We're not using cloud computing or anything like that," Jones conceded, when we asked whether the developer had considered building in persistent online systems like those you'll find in Destiny. "The main thing we're doing [with the online] is the ability to mutually save story progress."

mcarsehat1415d ago

They will announce the delay in a few weeks as with every game currently in development.

gameon19851415d ago

When I watched the firs few seconds of video for this game I thought it was Infamous, and a Sony fan were playing a joke.

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