Has The Next-Gen Console Killed Couch Co-Op?

Has the next gen console finally killed off local multiplayer and the couch co-op culture? Jamie from StickTwiddlers investigates which current core titles include the feature.

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Ck1x1505d ago

I think the 7th generation officially killed it for the most part. They launched and we're pretty competent online devices, so the console online multiplayer focus grew as well.

xJumpManx1505d ago

The average gamer age has killed Couch Coop. As an adult gamer why waste game time getting that all set up when you can just play games with them online. I get it kiddies love to have their friends over to game but as an adult who has that time anymore.

bobacdigital1505d ago

I still like having the option to have a Halo 3, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart party when I want.... Me and my friends who are 30ish still get together once or twice a month to game it up... Also me and my wife still play split screen coop in any game that we can...

It sux that Nintendo is the only company that cares about that experience .. but I guess time moves on.

Blaydyn1504d ago

Yea, online co-op just isn't the same, it's fun and all but Split Screening with a good friend. Nothing beats it.

TheGrimReaper00111505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Only games that I can think of that was couch co-op last gen was rayman origins and legends and .... New super mario bros wii? O and smash bros, cause nobody wanted to play that online :p

solar1505d ago

i miss couch co-op so much. that is the reason why i used to buy all consoles. Power Stone 1 and 2 on the glorious.

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