Kotaku: Our First Real Look At Sunset Overdrive

Kotaku: Insomniac, to put it bluntly, has something to prove right now. The renowned studio behind franchises like Spyro and Ratchet & Clank underwent what could very charitably be described as a dry spell after it released Resistance 3 in 2011 with a duo of unsatisfactory Ratchet & Clank titles and the thoroughly unremarkable co-op shooter Fuse.P

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McAwesome1353d ago

this game is ok but not awesome

GarrusVakarian1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

You've played it?

Please, tell us more...

4Sh0w1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Edit, My bad meant to reply to below to sourgrouch.

Man stop the g-damm trolling, if he thinks it doesn't look awesome, oh well. I only own a X1 and I'm trying to read all the new previews about Sunset Overdrive, would love to just talk games without the fanboy stuff. This is exactly why I stopped reading most of the pro or neg BS spin articles on this site, most are full of fanboy garbage.

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randomass1711353d ago

How can you say not awesome when it hasn't even been so much as demo'd yet? -.- People on the internet, I swear...

3-4-51353d ago

* It looks fun, but not " OMG Best game ever" awesome.

I really like the Art Style of the game.

Parts look a bit last gen in terms of movements around the "City", but the detail definitely looks next gen, as well as the lighting.

Should be a solid game for XB1.

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DK_Kithuni_711353d ago

Looks so so to me. I loved Resistance: Fall of Man but since then Insomniac took a nose dive.

WeAreLegion1353d ago

Seriously? Did you play Resistance 3 or A Crack in Time?!?

DK_Kithuni_711353d ago

Yes. I bought and played each and every Resistance game on the PS3. The first one (Fall of Man) was superb. It was dark, brown and grey. The story was brillant. The series took a nose dive from there. Resisance 2 was rubbish. The big monster and the ending was cool though. Resistance 3 was better but still no way near the first one. The gun-wheel was back but the story was boring.

I also got Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, A Crack in Time and Quest for Booty. Loved Tools but actually hated the others. Tools of Destruction was great. Never finished the two other games. Got bored.

incendy351353d ago

That is a great write-up! So pumped to play this, please come out soon!!

ger23961353d ago

One thing I will say, Microsoft does a superb job of promoting their games. Let the hype begin.

Mystogan1353d ago

Dang this game looks awesome. I didn't expect us to be able to customize our characters. I can't wait to beat the single player and then spending time in the multiplayer world.

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