Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Has 40,000 Polygons Per Character and Physically Simulated Cloth

More details are emerging from EDGE Magazine's extensive Sunset Overdrive feature, and it also includes some intriguing details about the game's technical aspects

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vivid831233d ago

this game looks decent a real must buy

pedrof931233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

40.000 ? LOL

Gotta say the game is interesting. Looks fun.

Mkai281233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Yeah, just like killzone: shadow fall. That didn't stop it from looking like a great game? This is pretty good for a open world, how many enemies will be on the screen at one time?

imt5581233d ago

That,s pretty good poly count for cartoonish game.

system221233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

40k is pretty good when you figure how many characters will be running on screen at once. Delsin had more on the ps4 but it never got totally nuts at any one time and a lot of the dup soldiers were more scaled down more than delsin. Also there were different models of delsin depending on the situation (cutscenes vs game etc). My company did the e3 trailer for it last year and we did it with the game engine (mostly) so we had all of the game assets.

Regardless, this game looks nuts in an awesome way!

4Sh0w1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

It definitely looks like a mixture of Tony Hawk, Crackdown and inFamous imo. I've been starving for a Crackdown sequel worthy of the original for my X1 but this looks like a awesome game to fill my appetite for quite awhile. Now, like a spoiled child I just want a confirmed release date; tell me now Insomniac!

truefan11233d ago

Man this game sure has some ugly Monsters. in a good way.

imt5581233d ago


Quote :

Also there were different models of delsin depending on the situation (cutscenes vs game etc)

Did you ever try to compare Delsin from cut-scene and from photomode??? Probably not.

kickerz1232d ago

I guess this type of game isn't for everyone but I'm definitely getting it. Can't wait :)

mikeslemonade1232d ago

Looks good but it's not saving the system. Remember, the X1 cost $100 more so you're suppose to show at the very least a marginal value that is better than the PS4.

Sony3601232d ago

You do realise we're aproaching diminishing returns when it comes to polycount, right?

More polygons aren't going to make a difference soon.

BallsEye1232d ago

40k is pretty amazing especially considering the amount ofstuff going on at once plus open world and beautiful cloth and simulation for every character and global illumination (realtime gi is something ss,killzone or even the order doesn't have)

randomass1711231d ago

40,000 in an open world game with 100 on screen characters? Pretty stellar I think.

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Bonkerz1233d ago

Decent? This game looks slammin, so much colors, bright, and overall just looks like it will be a complete mind blowingly fun game.

system221233d ago

I'm pretty excited for this after seeing the screens. Gonna be another great x1 exclusive for sure.

ma1asiah1232d ago

I didn't even get to the end of the trailer before my excitement meter went through the roof. Just went straight to the top of my must have games list.

All I need now is some new gameplay for Remedy's Quantum Break

Bring on E3 good times ahead for sure

randomass1711231d ago

I agree! The game looks really, really fun. It's now making me consider getting an Xbox One at some point. :)

Charybdis1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

looks awesome glad to see another shooter which isn't another typical 'dark war themed' shooter but a colourful 'fun' fast paced shooter.

bleedsoe9mm1233d ago

it looks beautiful , i'm a sucker for colorful games . 40,000 is lots of polys for the art style they are going for .

theRell1233d ago

Vibrance is something that's been missing.

Bronxs151232d ago

-Not on the Wii u

randomass1711231d ago

To be fair, there is a bunch of colorful games on Wii U, but I can see what you mean. The mature games out there could do with a little more color variety. Overdrive's art style reminds me a lot of TF2.

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christocolus1233d ago

It looks amazing. Im definitly getting it day one

WiiUsauce1233d ago

To the Sony trolls in the comments hating on this game: WHY?? It's being made by a dev you guys know you love; Insomniac! Oh, but the same exact game with these same exact specs in this headline was on PS4: OH IT LOOKZ SO GUD, I LUV SONEE!!

Patrick_pk441233d ago

Because it doesn't look as appealing as their previous titles. +for open world, +for art style, -for animation and gameplay. I'd also like to know the story for this game before judging it more.

randomass1711231d ago

@Patrick How does't it look appealing? This looks just like how a new quality Insomniac game should. Fuse was a sad accident and I attribute that to EA being a crummy publisher and not Insomniac's ability.

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rdgneoz31233d ago

Looks good, though that number isn't too huge. Still time till release to work on it.

"While 40,000 polygons per character aren’t exactly an enormous number for a next generation game (inFAMOUS: Second Son has 120,000, while Ryse‘s Marius was 85,000) the game’s world does indeed seem extremely busy, which obviously brings the overall triangle count up."

Neonridr1233d ago

and how many characters were on screen in Infamous at any one time? I can run through a city block and not bump into a character at times.

Not to say that the characters don't look good in Infamous, but the city is pretty sparsely populated.

Nitrowolf21233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


I hate when people say the city is empty.

If you actually pay attention, the city is empty for two reason. DUP lockdown, and if u play evil more people are inside hiding. If your good karma, liberate the city from the DUP there are masses of vehicles, people, roaming the street. Heck they even start going on the rooftops.

troylazlow1233d ago

Another blockbuster coming to Xbox One!

incendy351233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Pretty impressive considering how many characters are on screen, I wonder what engine they are using? In house or are they using UE, Source, Cry etc..

Niv1233d ago

Looks lovely. Rather lower poly than lower shaders.