Sunset Overdrive turns the post-apocalypse into an energy drink-fueled party | Polygon

Polygon: What if the video game apocalypse — typically the well-worn, grim near-future overrun by irradiated zombies where survivors scrape out a hellish existence — was actually the best party you've ever been to?

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Dragonborn3121535d ago

Looks so awesome. Love the art-style and the humour. Really looking forward to seeing some gameplay!

Webbyy1535d ago

wow, the new screenshots looks so good. I need gameplay now..

Dragonborn3121535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Yeah!!! Can't wait until E3

GarrusVakarian1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I'm loving those graphics, so colourful and vibrant, just what we need amongst the sea of grey/brown shooters these days. I also love the fact this game doesn't take itself seriously, fun comes above anything else (re-spawning via UFO when you die. Why? Why not? Lol), that really appeals to me.

Can't wait to see it in action at E3.

Edit: I knew they were orange Tango monsters! Lol -


forcefullpower1535d ago

There is some game play on game informer. Has not grabbed my attention really. I did find there quote kinda odd since they went exclusive with xbox one.


4Sh0w1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Whats odd about that quote, I mean essentially he's saying that they made Sunset Overdrive in the same vein as their old Insomniac games because that's what they are best at.

The fact that most feel their best days were on ps2 and now this game is only on X1 is irrevalent to the idea that Insomniac (who is being paid by micro to make an exclusive) felt they should go back to their roots because that's what made them successful and those *same now older fans= adults CAN play it if they choose to buy a X1. If not I'm sure Insomniac has some future plans for either another multi game or ps4 exclusive should sony pay them to make one.

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nikrel1535d ago

I wish it was on PlayStation as well but I would have passed on it anyway even if it was.

I hated absolutely hated the tony hawk games, or any skateboard game for that matter. I do like snowboard games tho.

Looked more like titanfall parkour than infamous.

Godz Kastro1535d ago

Dude, your comment is really confusing :/

nikrel1535d ago

Sorry, During the interview they compared it to Tony Hawk & infamous, I was saying I do not like TH games, and the game does not remind me of infamous at all & if they were comparing the parkour to infamous I think a better comparison would be Titan Fall.

The game does not peak my interest enough to make me purchase an xbone, nor if it was on the playstation 4 would I pick it up.

Now the reason I said wished was for people who do want to play the game & only have one console, I think this will be a fine game & bring other people lots of joy.

Hope this clarifies.

GarrusVakarian1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

"I wish it was on PlayStation as well but I would have passed on it anyway even if it was. "

*Rolls eyes*

Whatever you say, dude.

Bundi1535d ago

I wish this game was on my platform so that I could not buy it.


MasterCornholio1535d ago

I would say I wish the game was on my platform so I could buy it.

As much as I like how this game looks it isn't enough to convince me to buy another console.

nikrel1535d ago

Maybe i'm thinking of other people, It will be a fine game just not one I'm into. However other people would like it on the PS4 & that is all i was saying.

incendy351535d ago

"It's your awesomepocalypse, so do what the hell you want.'" Best quote ever :D

RyanShutup1535d ago

at first I was a bit jaded because of the last few insomniac titles but this game is slowly sneaking it's way onto my radar... looks like it could be really fun

calis1535d ago


Of course those who grew up with you are on the other console.

MasterCornholio1535d ago


I grew up playing Rarchett and Clank. I still have great memories of playing the first one on the PS2.


LoveOfTheGame1535d ago

I played Spyro and R&C, yet I own a X1. Man, I must have broken the universe or something.

Bundi1535d ago

Because once you buy a console you are destined to buy that platform forever right? I had a PS2 during the 6th generation, then I switched to Xbox 360 and later got a PS3...I'm getting an Xbox One when it launches here.
I've also had Nintendo platforms in the past. I grew up on SNES/PSOne and PS2 but I'm on the Xbox bandwagon for now cause it satisfies MY gaming preferences at the moment.

Wish people would stop treating consoles like life long family members.

calis1535d ago

Jesus, are you serious?

Everyone who grew up on Insomniac had a playstation. This is a fact, even as far as the PS3 games. That means those who grew up on them had a PS1, PS2 and PS3. Chances are they're going to have a PS4.

The people who grew up on Insomniac games and have an X1 are going to be a minority. By a lot.

LoveOfTheGame1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I never owned a PS1, my cousin had one that I played a lot. He never bought a PS2 and currently owns only the X1 for this gen. He played R&C on my PS2, but neither of us played there PS3 games as the 360 was our choice for most of last gen. Now we each own a X1 to hopefully enjoy their latest game.

Come to think of it, I don't know a single person who has owned even three of the home consoles of Sony. Was always just a mash up of multiple consoles that we shared between each other.

It's actually pretty easy to grow up on Insomniac without actually owning a playstation yourself. Also, just a simple transition from PS2 to 360, which happened to plenty of people, can lead someone to X1. You know, if they have the same mindset as you, a.k.a. follows a manufacturer.

And for the record Spyro > Crash, always was a debate between me and my friends lol.

calis1535d ago

Do you honestly think you and the 4 friends you have make any difference? Seriously?

FYI, I've owned a PS1, 2, 3, XBox, 360, Wii, PSP, Vita. I don't "follow a manufacturer", but I only played Insomaniac games on one console, where the majority of their fans and followers still are.

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