Sunset Overdrive Preview (GameInformer)

GI Writes: "Insomniac recently invited me to its studio in Burbank, CA for an extended hands-on session with the third-person open-world title. My time grinding across the vivid environment and experimenting with goofy artillery like exploding teddy bears left me hopeful for Insomniac’s first foray into open-world game design."

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cruzngta1479d ago

Same here Lukas - game looks like alot of fun - many late nights ahead for us all who buy this game.

Septic1479d ago

This looks like a lot of fun.


In both our veins, naow!

GarrusVakarian1479d ago

Dem colours doe....


hazard17remedy1479d ago

Hm... i want this game. NOW.

cruzngta1479d ago

Reminds me of the first crackdown - open colorful world to explore and traverse from rooftop to rooftop. Cant wait - want this game BADLY.