Nintendo Download (5/8/14, North America)

Nintendo has announced the games/demos/sales out on the North American Nintendo digital platforms today.

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Agent_hitman1293d ago

Guys just a question, do you think that Nintendo will unveil a new hardware this coming E3 2014??.

Dravidian1293d ago

New system? No.
New gamepad/add-on? Maybe.

wonderfulmonkeyman1293d ago

New GAMING hardware?
But they MIGHT unveil their Quality of Life platform or further expand on those NFC plans they've got brewing for the Wii U and 3DS.

Dunban671293d ago

There they go again- just tearing it up on the virtual console and eshop for the Wii U-

Every week see 3 or 4 articles about all these Indy games for the Wii u - were are they?

The console is struggling terribly and they still can t get games out on it

herobyclicking1293d ago

Many of these indies seem to be a part of the Unity deal that was finalized only recently. There are about 240 titles in various stages of development, though once released, it may be too late. If it isn't already.

herobyclicking1293d ago

Trine 2 is great AND on sale.

Dunban671288d ago

I bought Trine 2 shortly after launch-

Thanks for the heads up though