PS4 & PS Vita bundle listed by Amazon France write : "Amazon France, famous online store, just list the bundle with PS4 and PS Vita inside with a price and a release date. The bundle must be sell in stores on June 27 for 579,99 €"

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XiSasukeUchiha1682d ago

So the bundle is coming out, sweet if it's $500 is over!
Vita and PS4 sale will skyrocket.

"I, Sasuke Uchiha Command you. Acknowledge this as worth purchase".

Concertoine1681d ago

Man how many more times will this be listed or rumored before it becomes a reality! I would totally buy this.

isthe1681d ago

I really really hope this means a ps4 price drop sometime after E3

GdaTyler1681d ago

Unlikely, since PS4 is still so young. PS3 has yet to get that significant price drop again.