Paperbound Coming to PS4

Indie developer Dissident Logic has announced that Paperbound, originally slated for just the PC, will also be coming to PS4.

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XiSasukeUchiha1354d ago

Sweet, I can't wait to check this out!

Tatsuya 1353d ago

Of course it will, PS4 is also the indie station after all :)

MasterCornholio1353d ago

The PS4 is a games station. Home to all types of games from the smallest of indies to the largest of AAA titles.

Thats why people love PlayStation so Mich because it has something for everyone.


Like it?

ShinnokDrako1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I'm having lot of fun with my indie station (eh, someone calls it like that....) =) And i get a lot of free games too, besides the AAA of course.
Good my friends on Xbone are getting the same features, since... oh, wait... nevermind. Let me rephrase: i'm having a lot of fun with my Playstation 4. Period =)