Fan Creates Custom Zelda Controller... For The PS3

It's not unusual for the crafty sort to paint controllers or even consoles, and there's some really amazing stuff out there. The Legend of Zelda is a regular source for fans, and we've all seen custom Wiis, Gamecubes, controllers and Gameboys masked with Gorons, fairies and Zoras. Less usual is to find Zelda-releated fan art on PlayStation products, but one person has bucked expectation.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1507d ago

That's pretty neat....

Is it sad that this impresses me more than it should?
I'm used to seeing my fellow Sony fans make fun of Nintendo franchises, not pay tribute to them like this, so it's touching me more than it normally would...*manly tear*

matgrowcott1507d ago

We all play video games, we should all love great examples of the medium regardless of platform, age or genre.

Anyone who says differently is doing it wrong.

HavokPants1507d ago

still wont get the game tho