Freedom Wars ‘Volunteer 01′ Gameplay Video

Sony has released a new four-minute gameplay video of Freedom Wars, its upcoming PS Vita game from God Eater developer Shift.

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nope1111534d ago

DAT SOUNDTRACK... Glorious. It looks amazing.

TheGrimReaper00111533d ago

Please, PLEASE tell me it'll come to the west

staticdash221533d ago

Already confirmed to be. It's Sony Japan lol,just like Gravity Rush it's coming over.

TheGrimReaper00111533d ago

*starts dancing

Still wish SEGA would localize their games more, but this one looks fun too =D

izumo_lee1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It is coming to the west sometime this year.

That grappling thingy is gonna make this game stand out from other hunting games. The way it can be used in battle is pretty cool.

nope1111533d ago

Yes, you can pre-order it right now.

Inception1533d ago


Already confirmed localized. Sony is different compare to Sega or SE in localizing department. So you can bet 99% that their games will be localized. Because until this day, only 3 games that not localized from Japan Studio.

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CrimsonAzure1533d ago

The AI look a bit stupid. I mean, just look at them standing there. Hopefully these issues are resolved by release, still looks like a great game though.