Edge issue 267 scores revealed

GC - "Mario Kart 8 and Trials Fusion have scored big, while The Elder Scrolls Online hasn't done too well."

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R00bot1473d ago

Another favourable review for MK8. This game's gonna be awesome.
As for the Elder Scrolls Online, I'm disappointed because the game looked to have so much promise.

3-4-51473d ago

So 9/10 without online, +1 for online ? lol

Either way I'm getting this game.

Palitera1473d ago

Yup, it is incredible the high level of the Nintendo top tier games. The creativity and design competence of those guys are really amazing.

R00bot1473d ago

What's amazing is their ability to code without making mistakes (glitches) and having to patch them. They got through last gen without any day-one updates while other consoles had them for almost every game.

stragomccloud1473d ago

I think MMO isn't the way to go. I've always wanted to play the single player game co-op. That I've always thought would be awesome. Your friends can drop in and play some quests with you, hop out whenever. It would be legen wait for it dary.

pcz1473d ago

this will be my first wiiu game just announced an amazing steelbook edition

now i just have to buy the console... lol

R00bot1473d ago

Good on ya mate. Planning on picking any other Wii U games up, or just this one?

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for we are many1473d ago

Did they access the online component?

randomass1711473d ago

Doubtful. The German review we got recently said that the online servers were not yet open.

Neonridr1473d ago

Take these scores with a grain of salt. Not saying that MK8 didn't deserve a 9 (I figure that scores will be 9+ across the board) but they only gave Child of Light a 5/10. A game that most sites have given very high scores for.

Yi-Long1473d ago

That's pretty typical for EDGE, to have at least 1 or 2 reviews that go against the grain...

-Foxtrot1473d ago

I know right, Child of Light is a fantastic new game.

If it was called Mario of Light...totally different.

wonderfulmonkeyman1473d ago

XD Mario would not have fit into this game, that's for sure.
Though, thinking of Mario in this kind of turn-based RPG rekindles my desire to see a true sequel to Super Mario RPG.....

Neonridr1473d ago

Super Mario RPG 2...

come on Square Enix.. the fans have spoken XD

for we are many1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Or the last of light.

ArchangelMike1473d ago

Child of Light - 5. WTF?!?!

That game is one of the best gaming experiences all year, heck it's one of the best JRPG's period, notwithstanding it's length, Naa... it's definitely an 8 or 9 game. Edge need to get off their high horse already.! I'm sick of professional reviewers who have lost touch with what gaming is about. HAVING FUN!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I entirely disagree with Edge's scoring of the game, but you gotta keep in mind that the guy probably didn't find it as entertaining, saw the flaws as being too big to allow him to have fun with it beyond the middle score of 5, and scored it accordingly.

As it's an opinion of quality as seen by the eye of the writer, it's a valid representation of his experience with the game, nothing more or less.

All reviews are opinionated and biased to some degree.

ArchangelMike1473d ago

The problem is these high-brow gaming journalists don't consider their review scores to be mere 'opinion'. They consider their scoring as an absolute. As a statement of fact as pertaining to the quality of a game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1473d ago

I know; I hate that type, too, but in the interest of not wasting my emotions on such people, I look at reviews like that as the opinions of a critic that takes his job far too seriously.XD

Ol_G1473d ago

Well i'm playing it ATM and i can understand where he is coming from it starts really good but after an hour youve already seen all the mechanics it's a fun game but it pales next to a true jrpg it really doesn't feel that substantial

Mexxan1473d ago

A 5 from Edge is a 7 everywhere else. I'm expecting 10/10 from most sites for M8

BoneBone1473d ago

MK8 - 11/10, confirmed.

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