Insider Confirms Rumors On Sony E3 Conference

Insider "Tidux" confirmed some of the PS4 rumors that have been circulating on the upcoming Sony E3 2014 conference; he even mentioned how many games Sony Japan is currently working on.

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BlakHavoc1505d ago

Mostly the obvious stuff other than the 3 SJ titles coming, that surprised me. Hopefully the Syphon Filter, HS2, TLOU2, and GoW4 rumors are true as well. Also MM, and Sony London.

kaiserfranz1505d ago

I would really love to see Syphon Filter once again.

Anyway, Tidux mentioned he'll talk about more rumors later today. We should hear more.

Septic1505d ago

A new Wipeout would be sick

NewMonday1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

the stuff from Sony Japan should be interesting, we will see the fruits of Alan Bakers efforts.

also hyped for the Guerrilla Games RPG, they have the Fallout: New Vegas writer working on the game.

truefan11504d ago

Syphon Filter was a great game back in the day, I would like to play it again. Other than that a lot of that stuff is just a wish list, no way could they fit all that into two hours.

TheUltimateGamer1504d ago

My ears will be tuned. This year's E3 should be the best we've had in awhile with the new consoles out and the pipeline of great games. I'm stoked!!

CuddlyREDRUM1504d ago

You may as well go on any message board and wait on news or rumors.

tommygunzII1504d ago

LittleBigPlanet or something similar is what I'm looking forward to.

Silly Mammo1504d ago

Still hoping for a new Crash game. How awesome would E3 be if the Crash costume mascot walked out on the Sony stage with a megaphone in hand? One can dream...

DemonChicken1504d ago

Same, the one on the psp is a beast but one of the best moments is dat taser, good times, good times .

miyamoto1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I am the biggest Uncharted fan but for me Media Molecule will have the killer app this E3 2014!

Prepare for massive overload of awesomeness from PS4!

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DOMination-1505d ago

Such bull.

Very convenient that these insiders just say stuff thats really obvious or talk about sequels that we all know are likely.

Why won't these "insiders" tell us the name of the next media molecule game or one of the other new IPs? Or even tell us about those games? I mean real info and not just a generic "oh it allows us to create stuff".

Oh right, because they don't know because they aren't really insiders.

Please stop approving pointless things like this

ramiuk11504d ago

maybe incase there is only a few people that know the name?
im assuiming this insider is a secret to all including the devs.
cant give too much away early on ,once info spreads outwarda and more know then more can be leaked???
just a guess

CuddlyREDRUM1504d ago

I agree, but this is all about getting hits to scrub sites. These sites go to message boards for news.

jnemesh1504d ago

Don't like "insider" news articles? Quit reading them and commenting on them.

Dirtnapstor1504d ago

Syphon Filter reboot would be awesome! I would love to see a The Getaway resurrect.

Magicite1504d ago

Playable The Last Guardian and nobody will top them.

Pogmathoin1504d ago

Fallout 4 would top that. Both would f$&ing kill it!

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odderz1505d ago

Hoping this is accurate. Honestly sounds like an awesome presentation.

Imp0ssibl31504d ago

Sony has had really solid presentations the last few years, but this one could top them all!

kaiserfranz1504d ago

Actually they've been holding back a bit since PlayStation Meeting last year in terms of big announcements, with the exception of The Order: 1886 and Uncharted.

I'm expecting a ton of stuff this year!

ginsunuva1504d ago

It's accurate.
Because I are insider and I confirms.

The rumors are 100% insider confirmed and trusted by me, teh insider.

Aurenar1505d ago

The premises are very interesting. I am very curious to see what they did with Uncharted PS4.

bjmartynhak1505d ago

Not hard to guess those will be there.

Now, Syphon Filter, GOW4, Heavenly Sword 2, teaser for TLOU2... these are the real rumors and probably fake.

lnvisibleMan1505d ago

Hopefully the next fallout in shown at either sony or microsoft conference. God I want a new fallout game.

boskoz1505d ago

Me too, open world is my favorite genre

ElementX1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Open world isn't a genre. A genre would be rpg, third person action, survival, crafting, racing...

nunley331504d ago

He meant type of game,people knew what he was talking about. I wanna see Fallout 4 too and hoping the GG RPG is like Fallout too.

brightlight1505d ago

Yeah, come on! it's been 4 years bethesda.

Ausbo1505d ago

I think fallout was 2008. So like 6 years

JakemanPS319941504d ago

New vegas was by obsidian so if you only count bethesda developed Fallout games then you could technically say its been 6 years! :P