Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Gets Tons of New Info on Gameplay, Design, Franchise Plans, More

The next issue of Edge includes an extensive feature on Sunset Overdrive, and an early copy was leaked including a lot of new details about the game.

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christocolus1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

This is defintly one of insomniacs most ambitious projects yet.. insomniac seems to be putting their all into it.

"Microsoft told Insomniac “We want Insomniac to be Insomniac” and allowed the developer to own the intellectual property, which is very important for the developer."

For Insomniac the next generation is about “pop.” They want to see more “popping off the screen:” more colors, more effects, more things to see in the city.

Xbox One owners will be involved with the decisions that will shape the game post-release.

While you play you’ll see big screens broadcasting “Sunset TV,” an in-game TV channel discussing the current and future state of the game and offering players a way to vote on how it’ll change and evolve.

The developer is looking at Sunset Overdrive as the first of a series and want to build it into something bigger, “a real franchise.”

And then you need to kill the bad guys in style...nice

The game looks amazing and im sure it will play great. cant wait to see more of it at e3. At this rate its going to be a Day one purchase for sure.

Septic1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Sounds pretty good. Like a mad mix of Jet Set Radio with guns...or something.

Here are the pics from the magazine. Mind you they don't show much:

I like the fact that you have to constantly move around and there's a big focus on skating on rails, telephone lines and wall-running. If executed properly along with the gunplay, this could be a lot of fun.

bababrooks1476d ago

Those pics look SuperCharged....this game looks tasty. Thanks for sharing Septic!!!!

HugoDrax1476d ago

Thanks for sharing the pics!

SLUG1476d ago

i have not see the game when i see the game then i will buy it

Sheikh Yerbouti1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

'Microsoft told Insomniac “We want Insomniac to be Insomniac” and allowed the developer to own the intellectual property, which is very important for the developer.'

If Sunset Overdrive is developer owned, maybe SO will be on the PS4 in the near future like Mass Effect and Titanfall.

Dirtnapstor1476d ago

Yeah, and hopefully they will never again get yanked around like they did with Overstrike! Thanks EA for your executive decision.

With no appreciation,

Gamers around the world

-Foxtrot1476d ago


"I would not count on it being on the PS4. I will not say never because you never really know"

So in my opinion, it possibly could happen he just doesn't want to say at the moment because it would 1) P*** off Microsoft 2) P*** of MS fans and 3) They want as many people to buy the first version first.

Only when it's released and out the door will they think about other platforms.

RiPPn1475d ago

Or maybe a Titanfall situation where the sequel will come out on other platforms. Guess it will depend on the success of the IP, but it looks real good, like a cross between infamous, ratchet and clank, and jet set radio.

Sheikh Yerbouti1474d ago

Never ever to be on the PS4? They said that with Mass Effect for years. I ALMOST bought a 360...Never say never!!

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SPARTAN31476d ago

Micersoft needs a new franchise for all the fans to get behind. With halo and gears starting to fall out of favor this would be a much needed boost.

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Lawboy21476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Wow great read....I hope more information comes out today....that got me totally excited....

Go insomniac...we have faith in you

@ septic above

Thanks for those pictures...they look good

Also like the quote.....I"I don't want every game to feel like COD"

This game is a long way away from COD

MrSwankSinatra1476d ago

It's still really weird to see Insomniac making a exclusive game for Microsoft, never thought in a million years i would see that.

TimeSkipLuffy1476d ago

yeah... I guess PS fans need to accept that... I hope they still release an exclusive game for PS4 later...

shivvy241476d ago

Even though im getting this game on xbox, it still feels weird that its an xbox exclusive by insomniac

-Foxtrot1476d ago

I don't think you should be bothered about the platform of choice....I think you should be more bothered about the fact that they seem to be putting more effort into this then they have recently when making games for Sony. I don't get it, Sony would of loved a game like this. It's bright, colourful, different. Instead they gave us another Ratchet and Clank.

MasterCornholio1476d ago

It hurts since im a huge fan of their Ratchett and Clank games but its something that I accepted.

I wish them the best of luck and hopefully they will make games for both systems in the future.

darx1476d ago

Why are you hurt!? We are talking video games here.

green1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

This was a great read and Sunset Overdrive has peaked my interest. I am really shocked how diverse the Xbox Ones lineup is shaping up.

If i see more diversity and a sense of ambition from Microsoft at E3, then my X1 would be my console of choice to accompany my gaming rig.

vega2751476d ago

It already is for me. Its my most played system I use to play games on

TimeSkipLuffy1476d ago

I'm very unhappy they don't developed an exclusive game for the PS4. I don't need this game but I would have wanted an original IP exclusively for the PS4...

Kiwi661476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

did they hurt your feelings by doing a new game just for xbox 1 really are you that upset . Have you ever thought that maybe insomniac just wanted to no longer just produce playstation games

Septic1476d ago

Come on what if he's disappointed that they didn't develop a game for his platform of choice? If Bungie made Destiny exclusive on the PS4, you don't think MS fans would be upset?

Like he said, he's unhappy about it and that's fair enough.

"Have you ever thought that maybe insomniac just wanted to no longer just produce playstation games"

Or more likely, this is just business as usual as opposed to any desire not to develop for the PlayStation platform, that has served them well so far.

Transporter471476d ago

First they choose the wrong publisher and now the wrong platform they should of gone to Playstation where they are loved.

It does hurt a little not being able to play their game. Maybe you don't care but I do since I have payed for their products all these years. Only game i didn't care for was FUSE since they made it too generic and not unique like they are.

Septic1476d ago


"First they choose the wrong publisher and now the wrong platform they should of gone to Playstation where they are loved."

Hold on. Why is the Xbox the wrong platform?

marlinfan101476d ago


he doesn't like xbox so its the wrong platform

Transporter471475d ago


Just the fact that their fanbase is mostly on PlayStation and also if they wanted to sell more they should of gone with the console with the most success. More consoles more money at the end of the day.

Sheikh Yerbouti1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I just hope XBox owners buy the hell out of this game. Insomniac's stock is not as high as it used to be. And they've had a few farts recently. Maybe this is a new start, but I see very little benefit for Insomniac longterm if the game is not a commercial success.

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GameDev11476d ago


And this is just a guess answer, but he is clearly jealous of Sunset Overdrive as an exclusive

MS did a great job getting an Insomniac game, I love their humour and gameplay

TimeSkipLuffy1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I'm not jealous. I just wish they would do a game for the PS4.

Of course MS did a great job to getting Insomniac do a game for them. They created some great games in the past. If the game really is great I will try it. It just not my kind of game judging from what I've seen and read so far. If they would do a Ratchet & Clank game or a cool 3rd person adventure game or some cool shooter I would be jealous ^^

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