Project morpheus - virtual hit or flash in the pan take time to look at what we know so far about Sony's VR device and if it will be a hit or not.

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TimeSkipLuffy1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

They should put all their efforts in traditional games instead. More AAA exclusives that are fun, fresh and just awesome to play!

Once they have released quite some hit games, they can create addons to extend the life of the PS4

Stuart57561350d ago

Traditional games that use the headset as a display and less of a Virtual Reality device. If it's full 3D with a 90 degree viewing angle, moving your head moves the camera, uses a Dualshock 4 and not move controls, then they'll have a hit, no question. I don't want an Uncharted game that tries to fully embrace the VR side of things, I'd rather it were just for viewing. Even a 3D movie on it would be more immersive. Ideally I want it to recreate the imax experience at home for games and movies. Simples.

Derekvinyard131350d ago

Couldn't agree with you guys more, I don't want this tech to hold back any fresh ideas devs have for this gen

SimplyChalky1349d ago

I just hope they manage to control the heat, I was using the Oculus Rift at the weekend and whilst yes it is just a dev kit and not final design it made me very hot.

I also felt a little sick when playing a FPS shooter with it as well.

cfc831349d ago

Hmmmm it won't be of much use to me if VR requires a 3d television.

sarshelyam1349d ago

Loved what I was able to experience at CES.

lemoncake1349d ago

If the average console gamer wont spend and moan about $100 for a camera will they spend over four times that much on two small tvs you fix to your head, that also requires previously mentioned camera. I dont know...

OrangePowerz1349d ago

I don't think it will retail for 400, they will know that it will bomb with that price.

Dfooster1349d ago

I doubt this thing will sell for £400. The magic price point is going to be £199 or at a push £249 for early adopters.

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