The Elder Scrolls Online Delayed 6 Months on Consoles?

Fueling possible speculation was Bethesda themselves today who today posted a shocking statement on their FAQ.


The rumor has been confirmed by Bethesda. Elder Scrolls Online is delayed six months on consoles.

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ValKilmer1410d ago

Wow, if this turns out to be true, this game is basically DOA.

iistuii1410d ago

But when it was Driveclub delayed it was ok cause they need more time to make it great sigh..

ValKilmer1410d ago

Yeah, but ESO already exists...

GHOSTxx4201410d ago

It wasn't ok for drive club to be delayed either, but if it isn't finished then delay it to make it better. Why not? No one wants a unfinished game like bf4 for example.

Baka-akaB1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

ESO is obviously an already released product elsewhere , and it's not making a positive buzz at all .

Maybe they can pull a Realm Reborn style revamp and makeover , but i'm not holding up my breath for it . And it can't just happen in a few months

MysticStrummer1410d ago

ESO already exists and has gotten less than stellar reviews to say the least. I can't imagine many console players care about this news.

rdgneoz31410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

With this delay (if it's true), they're gonna be pushing it back after the release of some big name games. June was a good time to release, not a ton of huge games coming out then. But the fall / holiday line up is going to be big.

And not many people are gonna want to drop $60 bucks and have to attach their credit card or buy a subscription card (for another $15+), just to access the free 30 day trial (yes, you have to have a subscription set up to access the free trial...). $75+ off the bat to play a game when you have a huge selection at that time of year.

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candy_mafia1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Comparing this delay to Driveclub is a joke!! No matter how long they take to make ESO good, it won't be good enough. Meanwhile, we can see evidence DC's delay paid huge dividends.

I'm being consistently told ESO is crap on PC. Right now, many are cancelling their subscriptions...only the die hards are happy to get skank'd on a monthly basis, so 6 months delayed on Consoles is of no consequence to me.

Heck, I feel like Bethesda have a freekin' nerve to charge $60 for the game, then expect us to pony up $14.99 per month to play it!!

Destiny is my choice MMO/RPG this year anyways....and Bethesda can take a running jump for expecting the ESO fans to wait a further 6 months to make it okay, but not great. GTA V looks better and plays better, and is non-sub. ESO looks worse than frickin' last gen to me.

SoulSercher6201410d ago

Agreed. This game is no Skyrim, and it's not getting great reviews either. If this game comes out on consoles I might not even know about it lol.

Sclavius1410d ago

If it's true it better be subscription free by then.

DarkLord10031410d ago

It probably will be. I'm playing it on the PC. Never had problems to login - not even at launchday.. so they maybe have good servers or the interest in the game is already shrinking...

RedSoakedSponge1410d ago

not gonna lie, i have had a few issues logging in sometimes but its very rare. still really enjoying the game though and been playing for around 150 hours so far :)

GamerzElite1410d ago

What abt Megaserver maintenance downtime, Everyday for 2-4 hours. Are we paying for server maintenance or play?

SolidGear31410d ago

I'm thinking F2P option by then?

joab7771410d ago

I really hope so. I am really looking forward to it but it is the wrong time (for me lol)...for them. The best time would be after FF14 has been out awhile and at least 3 months post Destiny. January would be perfect.

I say this b/c many mmo fans just started FF14 and many will be trying and playing Destiny by September. The only thing worse than competing against other games at launch is having someone leave ur fame to play another.

It is better to work out the bugs, 're balance the veteran questing and PvP, and launch with the first few post game patches included. It is hard to get console players to pay a sub (which is absurd to me...and no one ever mentionsFF14) & so it needs to b a perfect launch.

It is not DO A, as mentioned FF14 just launched on ps4 8 months after pc and ps3. Yes, this may affect those who are eagerly waiting, but honestly games r starting to come out and there will be watch dogs, the last of us, the destiny beta, wolfenstein, and various other games to keep ppl occupied. And as I mentioned FF14 may b the better mmo anyway.

HokusPokus1410d ago

It doesn't look like it will be worth having tbh games like this are too much hassle especially if you have to pay to play as well as Ps plus and xbox live.

mo2411410d ago

ps plus is not needed. xbox live on the other hand is

DefenderOfDoom21410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

to HokusPokus // SONY already announced that you do not need a PS+ account to play ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE on the PS4 ! As far as XBOX1 goes, you can not do anything at all online without XBOX LIVE account!

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