Titan Attacks – PS Vita and PS4 Preview [Plus XP]

Random Man from Plus XP writes: "I recently had the chance to look at some of the latest games from indie developer Curve Studios. The first game I played was Titans Attacks, a game that is a lot like a modern version of Galaga or Space Invaders. However unlike its these arcade classics there are more game play elements, such ship upgrades and new weapons.

The story of Titan Attacks is very simple. Aliens have invaded and you are the one to defend the solar system. Simple and yet filled with feelings of nostalgia. For those who do not remember the the likes of Galaga or Space Invaders, you will still have fun with this game as it has quite a bit to offer. Whilst playing the game I was told that the initial starting levels, so elegantly called Earth are in fact based on Basingstoke. This was because the games lead developer worked there and said that, if aliens invaded Earth that he would think Basingstoke would be where they would start."

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amnalehu1506d ago

So far the game is "OK". Sound track is pretty cool.

S2Killinit1506d ago

Its a fun little twist on a classic