Fan-Made Parody of Xbox’s Phil Spencer’s “Games-Focused” E3 Promises is Brilliant

The recently appointed head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencerhas been promising that the company’s E3 press conference will be focused on games, and a whole lot of them.

A fan created an absolutely brilliant parody crossing over Spencer himself and the TV series House of Cards.

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Abriael1411d ago

I wonder who all that blood on his hands comes from :P

Walker1411d ago

That's Kaz hirai's whole blood lol

Webbyy1411d ago

Lol yup this is really awesome

QuantumWake1411d ago

I've been flipping through every page on Microsoft's E3 thread over at NeoGAF. Nothing but comedy gold in there. There is a image or gif for everything! LOL!

This is well done! Can't wait for E3! SO EXCITED! :D

TheGrimReaper00111411d ago

Dont really care for Phil, but this fan made poster made me chuckle =D

assdan1411d ago

How did they find the Phil Spencer's dumbest face ever for this lol?

ZodTheRipper1411d ago

I'm sure that was the easiest part while making this.

WeAreLegion1411d ago

Can you find a picture of Phil Spencer not looking like a moron?

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