inFAMOUS: Second Son Prepares to Conquer Japan With a Brand New and Quite Awesome "Master" Trailer

The release of inFAMOUS: Second Son in Japan is just two weeks away, and Sony is preparing the big marketing guns to push the game to the conquest of the archipelago of the rising sun.

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shivvy241410d ago

this was actually pretty cool, feel like playing it again

ltachiUchiha1410d ago

Awesome trailer. I love this game so much & hope japan loves it aswell. Sucker Punch did an amazing job on this game.

ArchangelMike1410d ago

True, I'm sure the Japs will love it as well. I'm guessing it will also help Sony push some more PS4's in Japan.

starchild1410d ago

Yeah, it's a really great game. Definitely my favorite game on PS4 so far.

MasterCornholio1409d ago

-pats you on the back-

Glad you found a PS4 game that you enjoy.

See how the console is a pretty good device to play games with?

mkis0071410d ago

That music was awesome! I'm sure they will appreciate the v- power demo.

sgtGanGreen1410d ago

You think they don't play this game in Japan already? You can buy what ever you want in this world even if it does not exist in your country.
In my country none of the consoles or games exist and I still bought them all couple of days after release
Where do you people live? Mars?

starchild1410d ago

Well, of course that is true, but not everybody knows how or wants to do that.

imt5581410d ago

Japanese probably want localized game.

Ravenheartzero1410d ago

What? Well I personally can't speak or read Japanese, hence me never importing any games from there. I'm pretty sure it swings both ways

Booyah1410d ago

lol I did import Demon soul from japan, pretty good... just didnt get what they were saying

Inception1410d ago

Not every people wants to import stuff that doesn't exist in their country. It cost quite a lot of money you know.

And if that stuff officially will release in their country than why not wait for it? It's cheaper you know. Also, in this case it came with their own language.

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