PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 appearance at E3 2014 confirmed by Ready At Dawn

Ready At Dawn Studios co-founder Andrea Pessino has confirmed that their upcoming PS4 exclusive action adventure title will make an appearance at E3 2014.

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sobotz1506d ago

More gameplay footage, please

sinncross1506d ago

did anyone ever doubt the game will show at E3?

I am pretty sure its going to get a big push there from Sony.

GameSpawn1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

"did anyone ever doubt the game will show at E3?"

Show: No. No doubts at all.
Playable: Yes we have doubts. Hopefully they will show more gameplay and have it setup in the booths with at least a limited demo.

showtimefolks1505d ago

rumors are that ps4 will receive 4 big games for fall 2014

syphon filter reboot
Last Guardian
The order 1886
Drive Club

damn. I hope some of the negative feedback the order 1886 received when it was shown has helped the development team. Ready at dawn did an amazing job with GOW games on psp. I have very high hopes

sony santa monica are helping Ready at dawn so hopefully that helps too

ArchangelMike1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Don't forget Heavenly Sword for PS4. I have been waiting for a sequel since the first game.

OT: The 'negative feedback' was simply fanboys trying to nit pick, footage of a game that is still in development. Wait for E3, I'm pretty sure it will be a stellar reveal. I just hope it's playable, that and Uncharted 4 would be awesome.

ninsigma1505d ago

What was the negative feed back?? That it was just another shooter?? I still think it looks incredible regardless and is one of the top games I'm keeping an eye on! If those games you listed come out fall this year I'm going to be a very happy gamer :D Not that interested in syphon filter but last guardian and the order will be sweet! And drive club is actually looking really good so I might actually pick up a driving game for the first time in years!

johndoe112111505d ago

Negative feedback? People saw 15 seconds of gameplay and decided to criticize an entire game. Why the heck should ready at dawn change anything about the game?

theDivision1505d ago

Also I'm praying for some deep down as well.

Karpetburnz1505d ago

There was some negative feedback, but it was mostly Xbox and PC fanboys,

some of it was just because it looked somewhat unfinished and glitchy (according to IGN), and others complained about QTE's, and being a generic TPS (yet these same people jizz over Gears of War)

A lot of fanboys will be eating crow when this game turn out to be another GOTY worthy title from Sony.

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Magicite1505d ago

I hope this game gets released soon, PS4 will have a nice boost and another must-have game will be added to its library.

THE-COMMANDER1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Man i love this time of the year, with all the news about E3 and the games to be shown.

I'm sure we are going to see a gameplay footage for The Order at E3 after this tweet!

Can't Wait for E3!

JohnathanACE1506d ago

Of course Sony is going to show off one of their biggest games at E3. The Order: 1886 looks like the kind of game that's gonna move a ton of PS4s. Can't wait to see more gameplay and see what the monsters look like.

ltachiUchiha1505d ago

I agree though Uncharted 4 will blow ppl away, I also believe that The Order 1886 will catch alot of ppl by surprise when they show new gameplay against half breeds. Im really excited for E3. All 3 corporations are going to light up e3. Should be awesome.

CocoWolfie1506d ago

omg, e3's going to be so big XD

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