The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "Seeing Spider-Man in the video game world is kind of like seeing that friend that you enjoy to be around - but only in doses. For years we have seen entry after entry - with mixed to great results. Beenox has now established themselves as a developer who knows what they are doing with Spidey, but like the others, have shown their shortcomings with certain aspects of the games. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 however seemed to be jam-packed - and even if it was just going to be an "ok" game, the large portion of fan service would have definitely brought it up a peg, right? How does this new installment fare in a world cluttered by the so-so licensed game? "

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F-Inglese-941503d ago

I'm quite interested in getting this game. Great review!