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GoW: Ascension on PS4 likely at 1080p/60 FPS, The Last Guardian at E3 2014 100% being worked on?

Some more update from insider on God of War: Ascension Playstation 4 port and whether or not The Last Guardian will make an appearance at E3 2014 (God of War: Ascension, PS4, The Last Guardian)

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mikeslemonade  +   79d ago
"Shinobi602 further clarified that Sony Santa Monica is also working on brand new title and they going for God of War: Ascension for PS4 because port like this takes minimal effort and money."

Nothing wrong with more games.
sobotz  +   79d ago
I prefer God of War III remasterd than Ascension.
JohnathanACE  +   79d ago
Yep, God of War 2 and 3 are my favorite of the series. Would have been cool if the released Ascension with 3 in an HD remake since they usually bundled two games together last gen.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   78d ago
He took the news from my tweet lol: https://twitter.com/shinobi...
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starchild  +   78d ago
I think God of War 3 was better, but it's not like Ascension was so much worse. It's nice to have the option to play a better looking version on my PS4 if I so choose.
mkis007  +   78d ago
Ascension was hampered for me by the fact they didnt make the parry mechanic for single player different from multiplayer. I hate the extrra button thing now. It was obvious they did it so parrying wouldn't be easy in multiplayer.
randomass171  +   77d ago
I feel like if they're going to remaster any GoW games, they should remaster 3 and Ascension as a collection.
Derekvinyard13  +   78d ago
This is more of the same though. And if it takes "minimal money" then it shouldn't come out @ $60
randomass171  +   77d ago
$60 would be more justified for a collection though.
showtimefolks  +   78d ago
i want to play GOW3 on ps4 too how about making that happen also please
Tapioca Cold  +   78d ago
Seriously, what kind of a crap journalist writes a title like that? Are you asking us or telling us? You put a question mark after stating that a game is 100% being worked on. That's not a question and it can't be used a hook to catch attention since it doesn't make sense. Amateurs.

Seriously, I'm so surprised at the amount of respect you guys give these sites. They are literally run by children. I'm more surprised that you respond to them in seriousness. I fear you can't see or know the difference.
Rockefellow  +   78d ago
I've criticized this site, and sites like it, multiple times for their puerile and lazy attempts at writing. Gamepur is particularly notorious for poor journalism, with articles rife with spelling errors and simple grammar fallacies that high school children know how to avoid. Of course, the fact that this entire article is based after Twitter messages from an unconfirmed (and probably trolling) source is just icing on the cake for these idiots.

Just be careful when critiquing the bigger, more beloved sites around here-- the people who dominate the submission process by having their employees, friends, or what have you immediately approve their articles. They use the same resources to downvote and remove bubbles from those intelligent enough to realize their writing level barely beats that of a retarded caveman. It sounds like some conspiracy, but it's pretty blatant in the "hotter" articles.
dmitrijs88  +   78d ago
If it requires minimal effort, they could have just made collection/compilation of all GOW games then.
randomass171  +   77d ago
The thing is most of the older God of War games were already remastered on PS3. If they're going to do more remasters, it should be a collection that includes 3 and Ascension, not one or the other.
supes_24  +   77d ago
I'm sorry but GoW:A was garbage in my opinion. I respect yours, but I don't sorry this move at all. If much prefer 2&3 remade for the PS4. There was something about ascension that I didn't like, it just didn't feel like the others before it. The camera work, weapons, and the way the camera was miles away while fighting didn't sit well with me. I didn't even finish the game and traded it in.
Tripe_Down  +   79d ago
lol these insider informations sounds like pure speculation and not knowledge. i can asked this every kid and i got the same answer. these rumors sucks and shows where gaming journalism is. -_-
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   79d ago
Gow Ancension is meh, but last guardian finally the day is here when we finally got a release year/month/day.
Agent_hitman  +   78d ago
So I think it is true that The Last Guardian has been moved to Ps4..
randomass171  +   77d ago
I see no other way it could go. The game HAS to be on PS4 at this point.
Inzo  +   78d ago
I love anything GOW, but why Ascension? Why not GOW3? Ascension was very very good but it wasnt great Whereas GOW3 is a masterpiece. Or how about a new GOW title, not a prologue but a continuation of GOW3.
SuperYakuzaFan  +   78d ago
It wasn't a masterpiece storywise like God of War 2.
God of War 1 has the only epic story.
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colonel179  +   78d ago
GOW 2 definitely has the best story and also the most variety.
SuperYakuzaFan  +   78d ago
God of War 2 story,Kratos gets pissed off cause the gods didn't remove the memories of him killing his familyy???so he goes to kill them???
Then god of war 3 he kills them that's it.
BUt still playing God of War 2 on my PS Vita.

God of War 1 had the best story.
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JEECE  +   78d ago
2 has the whole story of Kratos using his power to support Sparta, then Zeus tricking him to put his power in the Blade of Olympus; that's the main thing that sets off the whole final revenge story. I'll give it to you though, 1 had a very good contained story, while 2 and 3 were very dependent on each other.
Inception  +   78d ago
"Then god of war 3 he kills them that's it"

Did you really play GoW 3? Kratos finds his hope to forgive himself in Pandora, a resemblance to his daughter. He even tried to prevent Pandora to sacrificed herself. Kratos also not killed gods like Aphrodite. In GoW 3, we see more human aspect of Kratos that he is not just a bald head steroid killing machine.
Irishguy95  +   78d ago
Yeah inception, in the last 10 minutes -> Tacked onto the story.
SuperYakuzaFan  +   78d ago
GOW3 i've played it a hundred times,Pandora story sucked because of this girl kratos finds his human self and regrets killing the gods??
Sorry but that story had no meaning.
God of War 1 had the most Human Kratos.
colonel179  +   78d ago
I am going to bet for The Last Guardian. There will be a trailer, no release date, no major details (maybe only 2015) but they will show it only to reassure people it's still coming, and it will blow everyone's minds graphically and animation-wise.

If GOW Ascension is coming to PS4, it'll most likely be a PS blog announcement and not going to be shown at E3.

I just hope Sony doesn't start announcing games on the PS Blog and then show them at E3, like they did one year (don't remember if it was last year or the year before).
MatthewTrujillo  +   78d ago
The Last Guardian I'd bet on being shown at Sony's E3 presser. Considering all the doubt surrounding that games release this is the last shot in the barrel for Sony to get people excited again and remain caring for that game. I'm beyond excited for TLG
GOW Ascension is no problem in my book I skipped it on PS3 I'll give it a go on PS4.
WeAreLegion  +   78d ago
I won't complain, but I think III deserves it more. One of the best games ever made.
lunatic0001  +   78d ago
can we please stop with ps3 games coming ps4...they act like its really i mind blowing upgrade that it has to happen...i have a ps4, but my ps3 can still keep up..please use the time and resources on better things...please...as for the last guardian...please still be in development :)
SolidDuck  +   78d ago
Ascension is the worst god of war. I'm not excited about this at all.
GamersHeaven  +   78d ago
'Takes miminal effort and money"
kevinsheeks  +   78d ago
Gotta make it sound hard or they can't charge you that 60+
randomass171  +   77d ago
Everything's gotta be a conspiracy on this site, don't it? :/
gamepard  +   78d ago
GOW doesnot deserve remakes . hd ports or revisions, Sony should forget the not-very succesfull-generic franchise and go on ...we dont want hd port ..we want new AAA games exclusive for PS4..to convince us to buy it
JustPlay4  +   78d ago
Why don't you just not buy it
G20WLY  +   78d ago
Gametard, some people only had 360 last gen, so there's a whole new audience for these games. Plus the biggest fans that had them before get to play an upgraded version, if they so choose.

How can this be a bad thing, when you couple it with the stunning looking exclusives and best console multi-plats on PS4?
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bunfighterii  +   78d ago
I don't know why this game is being ported. It look great, but it wasn't really that good. Seems like wasted effort.
Kennytaur  +   78d ago
" The Last Guardian at E3 2014 100% being worked on?"

- This is an absolutely terrible headline
feraldrgn  +   78d ago
Don't play with my heart.

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bjmartynhak  +   78d ago
Just as with GOW collection for the Vita, I won't get unless it is the full package. Vita should have the at least the trilogy.

For the PS4 give me GOW Saga (I,II,III, Ghost, Chains) plus Ascension at 1080p/any locked fps and I'm in.

For anyone that skipped Ascension on the PS3, it is the best game combat-wise.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   78d ago
Just give me The Last Guardian and Breast Souls at E3 Sony in you win.
G20WLY  +   78d ago
"Breast Souls"?! System seller, right there!!
Predaking77  +   78d ago
If Sony announce The Last Guardian at E3 I think I may cry of emotion.
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leahcim  +   77d ago
My pants!
I have to change my pants....

(for the Last Guardian)
heisenberguk  +   77d ago
I skipped Ascension as a matter of principal after they caved into sessler so won't be buying this version either! I'll play it on PSPlus though!!
TheGrimReaper0011  +   77d ago
If they really are gonna make God Of War Ascension for PS4, then they need to fix 2 things

1. The audio. Half the time, SFX were missing, too loud or not loud enough, stutters, wrong SFX, it was a god damn mess!

2. The fucking parry. The parry in GOW A sucks ass! In ALL the other GOW, you just had to press defend right when the enemy is about to hit you. It was simple and it worked perfectly. The bullshit parry in this one feels so out of place and just doesn't flow at all! I really, REALLY hate that fucking parry!
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illtornworld  +   77d ago
they should bundle GOW3/Ascension! its more games plus itd tell the story that leads to GOW4 if its coming. This is great news all around imo
Dynasty2021  +   77d ago
"Likely 1080p 60 FPS"

Yeah, like we haven't heard that about every game so far...
zero_gamer  +   77d ago
Really hoping TLG will become a game to play. As for GoW, meh it's nothing I would pay a whopping 60 dollars for just because I can play GoW on PS4. Cheap "remasters" will be a big thing this generation, and I refuse to support this.
MYDEATH21  +   77d ago
Loved the Gow series. And I might pick it up for ps4 because I didn't get it on the ps3. I'm really looking forward to the last Guardian. It's been a long wait. And if this game comes out on the ps4 looking better than the previous trailers it will be well worth it
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