Is Destiny Going to Be Another Traditional MMO?

Marta Branco wrote: "The freshly released details regarding Destiny’s game modes, points towards a completely different direction. The five game modes appeal to originality and innovation but after a close analysis, I concluded that they're simply masking a tough reality. So far, Destiny appears to be nothing more than a traditional MMO."

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porkChop1386d ago

Destiny is not even an MMO. Bungie have said so themselves. That's why they're calling it a "Shared-World Shooter" instead. It takes modes and cues from MMOs, but it is not an actual MMO itself.

GeofferyPeterson1386d ago

"Shared World Shooter?" Sounds like a MMO to me.

porkChop1385d ago

Have you ever played an MMO? Destiny does instance other players into your game but at no time are there enough players in the area for it to be considered "Massively" Multiplayer.

Ittoryu1385d ago

hey this guy see through the stupid PR speak

Ittoryu1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )


Bungie's words; "You have all of these examples of people who are doing big server cluster things like World of Warcraft or something like that.

But we didn’t really want to do that, because if you think about those kinds of games, you’ve got a centralized server that’s simulating everything in the world, but that can only scale up to some number of players. Maybe it’s 1,000. Maybe it’s 5,000. Maybe it’s 20,000."

"We want to have a single world that everybody can be in.’”

"we want this game world to be able to work with millions of players online at once."

Yeah clearly not an MMO.

Disagree all you want and buy the PR speak but those statements don't lie its an MMO people.

randomass1711385d ago

Out of curiosity, how many shooter MMOs are there?

DanteVFenris6661385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

This is not an mmo, I remember them saying you could only group in threes. Less then borderlands. Mmo=massive multiplayer online. Take note of the word massive, meaning in the hundreds or in the early mmo days dozens on screen at once not three

Sadly it's no mmo kinda makes me lose interest I'll have to see reviews

MysticStrummer1385d ago

How many MMOs have one large space, basically a city, where a multitude of players can be at once, and the rest of the game is instances with small player counts? That's not open world and not MMO.

fenome1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

It's not an MMO, the same way Borderlands is not an RPG.. they share and separate genres in the same way, but they're not necessarily one thing as a whole.

These games take elements of genres and utilize them how they fit. People try too hard to slap labels on things. So far it seems like they might actually do what Defiance tried horribly at..

It's one of my most anticipated titles at the moment, but if they would have tried to add a subscription fee it would have been a no-go.

Shadonic1385d ago

Does that mean that the newest SSX is a MMO even though in terms of MMO's it only has the sort of shared world thing from destiny.

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Jughead34161385d ago

I'm going to scream if I keep hearing people call this game an MMO. It's not an mmo

randomass1711385d ago

MMOs have vast open worlds where you can interact with human players in real time. As far as I know Destiny doesn't do that. It just lets you connect with a lot of people in a variety of ways.

Menkyo1385d ago

according to bungie themselves when talking to game informer it sounds like an MMO to me.

Codewow1386d ago

From what I make of it (and my opinion is bound to change after E3) Destiny looks like a dungeon crawler similar to Diablo 3. They have said that it is truly about the grind for loot. And ultimately it's not gonna be a good game for the people who don't like pve (I don't know if they announced any pve modes or not)

What this turns out to be right now is Halo with a progression system with the end game goal to be the most uber leet geared character in the world. Encouraged by the fact that if you don't grind for loot, you get dominated by others in the pop game modes.

Ghost_Nappa1385d ago

Pvp has been confirmed since forever

Codewow1384d ago

I unfortunately made a few errors in my comment. "people who don't like pve" pve should have been pvp. and "pop game modes." pop should have been pvp as well.

Shadonic1385d ago

rom what i heard they described the end game/ near completion of your character being where it starts to turn into Diablo before then seems to be a mix of Borderlands and mass effect with a bit of Halo for good measure.

LAWSON721385d ago

Well from what I have seen gameplay mechanics are very similar to Halo so at least it will not have the usual slow and clunky combat that pretty much every MMO suffers from

LiViNgLeGaCY1385d ago

Whatever you want to call it, I don't care. I'm completely stoked for this game!

JimmyHACK1385d ago

Whoever wrote the article should read up on Destiny

Jughead34161385d ago

Agreed. So many people are so far off on this game. I've kept up to date with it since February 2013. It's not an MMO. It's an online action FPS. Has some MMO elements, but not enough to define it as such.

randomass1711385d ago

Agreed. An MMO has a lot more social interaction than what Destiny is offering. Calling it an MMO is just inaccurate.

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